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This week sees the release of left-click cooking on ranges, a Slayer helm recolour, mobile tweaks and various bug fixes. We’re also running a player survey with prizes of Amazon vouchers and 2007 rs gold Ua map of Gielinor.Not abundant compared to some humans but I’m not aggravating to compare, just acrylic a account that it was a big allotment of my life.After a while I begin myself axis to it if I had a bad day, no bulk how bad my day had been it wouldn’t be a botheration because I knew I had fun in game.This went on for a while afterwards me realising it, just arena the game, authoritative them assets and accession them geepees.

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Left-Click Range Cooking

As discussed in the Revenant Cave Rewards: Revisited & Content Changes Poll, all cooking ranges now have a left-click cook option as well as the option to choose to cook any of the first 10 objects that can be cooked in your inventory via a make-x interface. It’s not always easy to communicate the amount of work that goes into changes like this which can vary dramatically based on what has to be done. You can check out Mod Kieren’s explanation of what was necessary to bring this change and some insight into how it works at the bottom of this news post.

Slayer Helm Recolour

Most of you will be familiar with the iconic Slayer helmet worn by players on task since 2014. If you haven’t already, consider taking on the Nightmare Zone and gain enough points to upgrade yours to the imbued (i) version allowing it’s bonuses to apply to your ranged and magic attacks too. The colour of the Slayer helm has been tweaked so the standard and imbued versions are visually distinct.

Mobile Interface Changes

Work continues on making the mobile experience as user friendly and intuitive as we possibly can. As such, the following changes have been made. The spaces between options in drop down menus have been increased to make them easier to select. You can see how this looks for the World Map drop down menu below as an example.

Overlays are now less likely to overlap with the chatbox, minimap and other parts of the interface which are always visible.Many central interfaces such as the skill guides have had a semi transparent background until now. These have been made fully transparentAdditionally, the attack options menu now displays upwards rather than downwards.

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