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Balthazar’s Big Raffle is members-only content, and is not accessible to Ironman players.Balthazar will be by the Burthorpe lodestone each day for the whole of September, handing out tickets – one per day.You can get an extra ticket each day by completing a daily challenge, or finding Gilly Willikers the clown. He can be found capering around Misthalin and Asgarnia’s lodestones – it’s up to you to hunt him down.

Each ticket – when handed in – is a shot at the rare, limited edition prize of the day. If you don’t strike it lucky, a consolation prize – a small prismatic star per non-winning ticket – will be yours instead. Awesome if you’re getting prepped for Double XP Weekend later in the month!

You can save up tickets if there’s a particular prize you’ve got your eye on, or have a punt each day – the choice is yours.=Throughout September, you’ll also get a Rummage token for every 5 tickets you hand in (cumulatively – not necessarily all at once). You can use these from 1st October, when Balthazar’s Bargain Barrel Blowout begins.

Hand them in – any time in October – and you’ll get to rifle through Balthazar’s Bargain Barrel, which can yield coins, skilling resources, small protean packs, D&D reset tokens, medium prismatic lamps, or the much-coveted Golden Akrisae Barrows set.The tokens also get you a pieces of a clown outfit – as sported by Gilly himself. There are five pieces of the outfit to collect.

It takes 20 more hours to get 99 without doing Overloads, this means you need to spend 160M GP more when doing the Overload method at 88-99. You need to earn 8M GP/H to compensate this. But 8M GP/H is very easy to obtain once you have Overloads for PvM, so I advise investing the extra money in order to get Overloads for your PvM needs, you can easily make that money back in no time. If you do this on Double XP Weekend, you will save 10 hours and it’ll only cost you 80M GP more.

None of the npc’s acquaint you annihilation accordant either. I just spent 4 hours aggravating several agency to apple-pie it, affairs all sorts of debris from G.E and food like the the charwoman cloth, or application it on assorted altar about the world.Never would I accept anticipation to go to Taverly to acquisition a guy called Tegid abrasion his clothes there. The alone abutting “hint” I got was application a brazier of baptize on the shirt which declared “Just wetting the top wont abolish the bloodstains.”I hardly anytime absorb any time in Taverly and never even noticed Tegid’s existence. The alone way I can ahead humans would apperceive what to do (without wiki or guides) is if they did Eadgar’s Ruse, which aswell involves Tegid.