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As one of the rewards from Player Owned Farm, RuneScape Master Farmer outfit requires to combine the animal, crop, and tree farmer outfits. At first, you need to collect 54,000 master farmer fragments in all. And how to do this as well as the set effects of the new outfit? The following are the full details and you can always find enough runescape 3 gold from us.

Requirements of creating Mater Farmer outfit
1. Blueprints for the Master Farmer outfit: Bought at the Farmer’s Market for 1000 beans;
2. 54000 Master Farmer fragments: Gained level 70 Farming onwards.
3. Farming level 80 & Invention level 20

Usually, there will be 18-22 fragments received at 1-minute intervals when farming.
1. At level 99, the fragments drop doubled;
2. At level 120, the fragments drop tripled;
3. At 200M XP, the fragments drop quadrupled.

Alternatively, you can choose to spend 2000 beans on a Master Farmer fragment pack at the Farmers’ Market.?

How to make Master farmer outfit?
You can assemble the fragments collected in the currency pouch into outfit pieces on an Invention workbench once you has researched the Invention blueprints. Please note that the outfit pieces created will be random. And with the Master set made, all left fragments will be destroyed.

What bonuses can you get when wearing the Master Farmer outfit?
1. Planted hop, herb, flower and allotment seeds will be auto-watered.
2. Protection payment will be discounted.
3. Uses the Farmer’s outfit’s bonus XP.
4. Rapid growth can be cast up to twice per patch/day.
5. When you are at the Manor Farm, the animals will grow faster by 7%.
6. There is 10% chance to farm more hops, herbs and allotment crops.
7. 10% more beans will be obtained from Farmers’ Market sales.
8. There will be bigger chance of positive traits from breeding and checking.
9. Herbs will be auto-cleaned on harvest.
10. You have 10% chance to get bonus produce when farming reaping fruit trees and bushes.
11. Remote accesses to Manor farm, Herblore Habitat and seed pod teleports are all available.

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