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As Summer is hitting hard and finding a fresh spot is now a matter of survival, the RS team have teamed up with Twitch Prime to provide the perfect opportunity: free membership and exclusive loot!With the recent introduction of Surge spells from Dragon Slayer II, there have been more and more players utilising the Standard Spellbook. One of the most common frustrations many have with using the Standard Spellbook is that there are no effective freezes against players.

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With the Ancient Spellbook most players will opt to use Ice Barrage, a level 94 spell capable of hitting up to 30 damage, as well as being able to freeze opponents in a 3×3 area for 20 seconds.Until 6th September, Twitch Prime members can redeem a totally packed “Umbral pack” which a 1-month FREE RuneScape membership and all these items:

1. 2 Umbral Chests (guaranteed super-rare prize)
2. 15 Treasure Hunter Keys
3. 200 RuneCoins
4. Exclusive Umbral Crassian companion pet
5. Distinctive Umbral Flame Blade cosmetic weapon override
6. Exclusive Umbral Armour cosmetic armour overrides

Should Revenant NPC’s within the cave have a chance to drop the tradeable Ferocious ring, as described in the dev blog? The Ferocious ring offers stats similar to that of the unimbued Fremennik rings combined, with the added effect of increasing your Accuracy and Damage for all combat styles the deeper you venture into the Wilderness. The player is constantly skulled while wearing the ring. If removed, a normal 20-minute skull will remain.

This limited-time offer might be redeemed by new RuneScape players as well as existing members. The free month stacks up at the end of your persistent membership if you already have one.And don’t forget that every brand-new Twitch Prime membership comes with a 30-day free trial.One of the perks of Twitch Prime is also a free subscription to a Twitch streamer every month.In addition, please remember there is cheap runescape gold for sale here. Come on and join us now.

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