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What good news! Four new unique Revenant drops have been released in game, including: Craw’s Bow OSRS, Thammaron’s sceptre, Viggora’s chainmace, and the Amulet of avarice. Here are more details about them and runescape gold 2007 for sale from RSorder. For the plan of a brace of teenagers, this abode was appealing able-bodied anticipation out and legit. This business in fact brought in a lot of gold and accustomed us to akin our characters while giving us some purpose afterwards commutual about every quest. We were ballers for this era of runescape.

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Craw’s bow – requiring Ranged level 60

Craw’s bow is a new rare drop from revenants found within the Revenant Caves and requires Ranged level 60 to wield. And it owns the same bonuses as the magic shortbow (i), although it doesn’t have a special attack. Whiled charged with a minimum of 100- revenant ether, the new shortbow will have an additional 50% ranged accuracy and damage boost applied when attacking any NPC in the Wilderness.

Viggora’s chainmace – requiring Attack level 60

Requiring Attack level 60, the new chainmace shares similar bonuses with dragon scimitar as a crush weapon rather than a slash weapon. When it is charged with a minimum of 1,000 revenant ether, an extra 50% melee accuracy and damage boost will be applied when attacking any NPC in the Wilderness.

Thammaron’s sceptre – requiring Magic level 60

The Thammaron’s sceptre requires Magic level 60 to wield and has the same bonuses as the master wand, but it cannot autocast Ancient Magicks. With a minimum of 1,000 revenant ether charged, an extra 100% magic accuracy and 25% magic damage boost will be applied.

The Amulet of avarice provides the same stats as an Amulet of glory, with the added ability of causing all drops within the Revenant Caves to be noted whilst it’s worn – this includes the non-Revenant NPCs also in the cave. The downside to this benefit however, is that the player is constantly skulled while wearing the amulet. If removed, a normal 20-minute skull will remain.

What is more, any revenant ether stored within any of the above items will always be lost on death within the wilderness, even though they are your protected items. And the new Amulet of avarice shares the same bonuses with the Amulet of glory. All in all, hope you can gain these rare drops with our cheap RuneScape 2007 gold for sale.

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