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There will be up to six different RuneScape playtests coming in the upcoming months. And if you want be the testers, you’d better learn all details and submit your applications now to earn a chance to express your opinions. Besides, you can buy RuneScape gold cheap from RSorder.
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Jagex believe this is an incredibly exciting time for both RuneScape and OSRS. Meanwhile, to increase the visibility with players they are planning to host up to 6 different play tests on set Thursdays within the upcoming months. If you want to be one of the playtesters and try RuneScape upcoming content, you can apply until July 25. Then you can provide your vital feedback after playtesting at Jagex HQ. However, please remember you may only apply once.

How can you join in the playtests?
In order to join in the playtests, firstly you need to meet a few requirements, including:
1.You must be 18 years old or above, which is required an ID to prove.
2.On one of the dates set, you must be available.
3.The players who are selected to come along need to go to and from the Studio on their own, at their own expense.
4.Any player who joins in a playtest has to do so under a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Then, whoever is selected will be contacted via telephone by a member of the Jagex Team. And you will be asked further questions on the call to ensure you fit before receiving a formal invitation.

Finally, If you match the criteria, you will get an offer on the phone and more details over email.All in all, please hurry up if interested and don’t forget to buy RuneScape gold cheap from us.

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