Guide to Complete Theatre of Blood with Up to 9% off 07 RS Gold Until July 11

Upsetting the vampyre hostess by dying in the Theatre of Blood will prove costly. It will lower your performance rating, meaning that you will receive less valuable rewards.

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In addition to that it will the current boss fight will turn sour for your teammates. When a player dies they’re transferred to a “Purgatory” and can rejoin their party after it has completed current boss fight.

If the whole party is wiped, then all players die for good: all unprotected items will be put in a chest with an option to reclaim them for a mere fee of 100k gp. Upon death hardcore ironmen will also lose their hardcore status and will become, well, common ironmen. Keep in mind that if you die an unsafe death before you reclaim your items,

they will be permanently lost. IMPORTANT! Logging out outside combat area is considered a safe death and upon logging in the player will rejoin their party. Logging out during a fight and then logging back in will be considered an unsafe death and if logging back in process is successful, the player will be put into purgatory and will have to wait for the party to finish the fight. The player is considered dead for good if they fail to reconnect and they’ll lose unprotected items (same conditions as in case of entire party wipe)

The Theatre of Blood is another example of game developers keeping the game fresh, yet remaining loyal to its legacy. Less and less MMORPG’s can say the same. The second raid is a challenging one, like nothing we’ve seen before in Gielinor. Dying is costly and the raid itself requires close to top gear and a solid amount of supplies. If you wish to participate but your bank account is insufficient, don’t you can always buy runescape gold – we’re here to help you out!

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