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Here’s what RS team have done since that May playtest, and what they are currently working on.Advice for you get Rs3gold 8% discount runescape gold for changed rs mobile

Mini menu
Changes to adapt the mini menu for mobile possess required a huge overhaul through the Tech team. The changes will allow the content teams to make changes to the visual look, and have more control on what and how information is displayed.
This is one of the key areas that will transform the actual RS Mobile experience, and is key to a more permanent closed beta.
Dropdown menu choices have also had the height improved to be easier to tap.

Rearranged chat to be in the top left.
Added a“Reply to PM”button right after player feedback.
Added a button to swap between the regular and social ribbons.
The fullscreen version of discussion was removed, and a completely minimise chat has been readded with message notifications.
Providing an easier way to change between chat channels was a known problem which we have now addressed.

Bank and Grand Exchange
Bank – Increased size of financial institution preset buttons.
Grand Exchange – Moved position from the search box so it is no longer concealed by the Keyboard
Settings Interface Rewrite

Ribbon, Backpack and Action Windows
Testers identified size of clickable components as some thing they wanted to improve on mobile.
They have made the following enhancements as a result of this:
Increased port sizes of the backpack, worn equipment and ability books.
Larger text where possible, including Friends list.
Larger buttons on the ribbon.
The height of child windows now adapts if the mini map and/or combat mode is hidden.

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