One Day Left for you to Snap Free runescape 3 gold for Ocean’s Bounty RuneScape July 9

The new 2-week long seasonal event in 2018 has come to game, and the Runepass – Ocean’s Bounty RuneScape offers all of you to earn exclusive cosmetics through the gameplay. Let’s begin by opening the new interface from your game ribbon. And don’t forget to buy RuneScape gold on RSorder.

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When will the new RuneScape seasonal event end?

The new time-limited event – Ocean’s Bounty begins on July 2 and will end on July 15, 2018, which allows you to earn items by playing the game. Edit: I just apprehend Mod Osbourne’s comments (which was at the basal so I didn’t see it) and he says that this isn’t the case. I’ll still leave my animadversion as it’s a authentic point about statistics and data, but I do apologise if this isn’t the case (counting assurance based on accepting xp). Already again, admonition has failed, and things are accepting misquoted/said incorrectly.

What can you do during the Ocean’s Bounty event?

The new event features two prize tracks, which are:The free path: All of you can progress along this free track, which give access to 2 tasks, one repeatable daily task that can be done for 2 starfish each and a one-time weekly task for 25 starfish.

The paid path: You can unlock it by purchasing a Runepass for 400 RuneCoins, which grants two extra tasks and the golden track while the extra one-time daily tasks can be done for 5 starfish each. What is more, you will be given two prizes as soon as you purchase the Runepass, including the ocean’s warrior head and the legendary Water Lycan pet.

What else can you get from the new event?

During Ocean’s Bounty, you can not only win starfish, but also progress through tiers – up to 30. And when you reach different tier you will unlock different items, such as you can gain the Ocean’s Mage Staff for the free track or Prismatic large fallen star & Large prismatic lamp for the paid track if reaching tier 12.What are you waiting for? Please buy RuneScape gold from us immediately and delve into the event.

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