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The dragons have returned to Treasure Hunter this week, bringing with 7% off runescape gold them hoards of prizes!Now,here has all detailed informations.focus on here.After about a ages I accomplished getting a amateur mod alone meant I was questioned so abundant in bold that I couldn’t do annihilation and I asked Jagex to abolish my cachet as a mod and they did. On D4 I eventually got apathetic and got 70 att for a whip and 45 def and was a zerker pure. I approved to get 94 abracadabra but never absolutely was motivated enough.

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How long will it last?From 00:00 on the 17th May through to 23:59 on the 21st May,If you are interested in the Treasure Hunter, you can take part in now.When did this bold become so complicated? At atomic if I played I anticipation the best affair about it was the simplicity. There were alone a few applicable accessories sets and none of them amount hundreds of millions of gold.

Some rewards

The standard chests have been replaced by dragon chests randomly, each of which will grant a prize multiplier. Please remember the following prize quantities by opening each type of chests.

1.Adamant chests:giving 2X the amount of prizes

2.Rune chests:giving 3X the amount of prizes

3.Dragon chests:giving 4X the amount of prizes

4.God chests:giving 5X the amount of prizes

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