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Here are some useful details about RuneScape Gower Quest for you to learn, including the tips, requirements as well as valuable rewards. If interested, please read on to learn more and buy RS Mobile gold on RSorder.

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Gower Quest requires you to make a cabbagespeak amulet to find out what the cabbages want for the brothers living a cabbagemancers on the Gower Farm fails to grow cabbages in their cabbage patches. And this standalone quest is free to play. You just need to have achieved 34 quest point.
Some tips you need to know

You’d better keep the following points in mind before starting the quest.

1.Start the quest by talking to the Gower brothers at the Gower Farm, south-east of the Varrock lodestone.
2.When required to get the first fragment, you must get all 4 problems located before starting to ask questions in the main room of Romeo, Guthix etc. And the dialogue will not be unlocked if not finding all the problems first.
3.It’s highly recommended to take enough food and combat gear for the final fight with Black Knight Titan, who you have to defeat for 6 times in all.

4.Although you will have to start the fight over from the beginning upon death, you will not lose anything and respawn in Behind the Scenes during the safe battle.

Rewards upon the completion of RuneScape Gower Quest

You will get various rewards when completing the quest, including:

1 quest point
15 coins
Brassica Prime godsword two-handed melee weapon override
Cabbagemancer Outfit override
Retro Login Teleport spell override
Crispy the Cabbage follower pet
Ability to have the old and graphically updated Black Knight Titan swap places
Ability to reset the quest by searching a crate at the Gower Farm
2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice
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