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As usual, there are many exciting updates waiting for you this month, such as the new Thieving training method RuneScape Safecracking, returning Line Firemaking as well as Edgeville rebuilding. Let’s preview all of them and buy cheap RuneScape gold from RSorder.

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There will be a new Thieving training method called Safecracking unlocked this month as long as you complete the Buyers and Cellars quest and related capers. It will be suitable for level 65-95 Thieving players. You will gain Thieving XP while attempting to open a safe and get a larger XP drop if succeeding in opening the safe. What is more, you can obtain cold hard cash & rewards points. With the points you can get gubbins like a reward, which can avoid you from being stunned when thieving. Besides, the points can also be used to allow thieving from elf clans who suspect you.

Line Firemaking returning soon

Another focus this month is the return of Line Firemaking. If you have reached level 70 Firemaking, you will have a chance to get the ability to light fire quicker. What is more, the RS team will change Char’s weekly minigame into a repeatable training method, with a possible drop – a Pitch can, which can speed up bonfires. And it also will speed up line firemaking. Please note that the pitch can is tradable.

Return Edgeville to a former glory

Very soon you will be able to rebuild the devastated Edgeville by talking with Mandrith in Edgeville, who will ask you to clear rivers, repair buildings, and sweep up the odd dead body. From this, you can obtain Farming, Construction, Magic, Prayer and Mining XP, gain a  dragonkin lamp, and have a chance to own Effy.

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