How to Spend meaningful 2018 April Fool’s Day with free runescape gold Apr.2?

The Treasure Hunter Rainbow’s End has returned to the game. From now until 23:59 on April 2nd, you can enjoy the Rainbow’s End, you can get a new rares from it and get up to 7 times prizes! Please take the opportunity.

In the Treasure Hunter game, when you open the chests, you can win the multiplier token, which can open a large number of multipliers on your prize for each open chests. By claiming a multiplier unlock, the upper limit of the multiplier is increased by 1 to a maximum of 7 times.

In addition, multipliers can be used for everything on the TH (except for the multiplier tokens themselves). It can increase the number of prizes you get from each key Treasure Hunter. In order to get the most benefit, you’d better upgrade it as much as possible

Furthermore, you can also get prizes, including the new Rainbow Scythe override and Rainbow Teleport override. The token is also tradable rares and will certainly be highly sought after.

I have a soft spot for the task card events, and April brings a cheeky ‘Tiki’ one in the form of Tribal Trials. Complete shamanistic challenges and unlock Howie, the rather wonderful tribal pet.

And let’s not forget that Tribute to Guthix and the Spring Fayre continue to run through the month. If you’ve visited the Fayre, you’ll know that it has been rebalanced and no longer requires any entry tokens to enjoy its quite wonderful activities. Anyone for a spot of Hook-a-duck?

All that remains is to keep an eye out for a surprise or two this month. April has a habit of making fools of us all.Have a wonderful month, fill the world with glorious fire lines, and we’ll see you next month for a spot of Solak. Goodbye!