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The Old School team has launched some Tournament worlds,Now, we will share more latest details for you.read carefully.The Livid now covers the acreage (and had deadened Pauline. that’s why she’s not floating) and the amateur has to do the “clean up”.The amateur has to dig up the awkward Livid and abode them in the boilerplate of the acreage (the amplitude in foreground of Pauline).

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The rewards in Tournament Worlds

In order to prepare of the Theatre of Blood OSRS,You can login to a tournament world to test these rewards ,That’s including:

1.Justiciar armour (Justiciar faceguard, Justiciar chestguard, & Justiciar leg guards)
2.Ghrazi rapier
3.Infernal defender
4.Sanguinesti staff
5.Scythe of vitur
6.Vampyrium vambraces

You can try rewards anywhere, instead of using the latest OSRS tournament global products limited to PvP,Please note that the proposed rewards for Raids 2 have been added to the Tournament Supplies chests on Tournament worlds and Currently they utilise placeholder models in a fetching bubblegum pink.Moreover,magic tablets and teleport scrolls were added to the supplies table and those which pass the poll will be changed into unique assets.

Quality of Life Month Updates Details

1.Tears of Guthix streams will now last a minimum of 9 seconds before moving.

2.You use the new Make-all interface.

3.The Dark core pet no longer has sounds attached to its animations.

4.The amount of XP you receive has been slightly reduced

5.You may now store Buckets, Compost, Super compost, Ultra compost, and Plant cure with Leprechauns with noted versions of the items.

6.Another data orb has been added beside the minimap

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