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Players may no longer release black chinchompas while in combat. This also applies to Deadman Mode and overrides the existing functionality for Black chincompas where they appear to everyone when dropped.Auto-retaliation in PvP while under the effect of spells that disable movement is now more consistent. The message displayed during this time has been restricted as to not spam the chatbox as much.

Players who attempt to teleport to the same location quickly in PvP worlds will now be notified that there is a cooldown on using the same teleport spell again. Teleporting to one location then onto a second different location will not be impacted.The penalty for skipping a Bounty hunter target that is more than 5 Wilderness levels away has been drastically reduced. The current penalty is 30 minutes if the player skipped is within 5 Wilderness levels and 3 minutes if over 5 Wilderness levels.

A reset option has been added to box traps. If the trap has successfully caught a creature, it will collect & re-set the box trap. If the trap was unsuccessful, it will be picked up and placed down. The time taken is the same as harvesting and setting the trap manually.

Crystal saws now have charges deducted if, and only if, you needed their stat-boost in order to build the furniture you were making. This also applies when making flatpacks at a workbench.The interface for teleporting with Mushtrees on Fossil Island will now accept keyboard shortcuts.

The barge guard at the Digsite now has a quick-travel option to Fossil Island. Similar functionality has also been added to the row-boat to return to the Digsite. This can only be used after completing the Bone Voyage quest.When making jewellery at a furnace, left clicking the furnace will now bring up the jewellery interface relevant to the bar that is being carried. Should both Gold and Silver bars be in the inventory, the regular “smelt which bar?” selection interface will be displayed.

Compost bins that are ready to have compost collected from them now have a left click option of “Collect” which will start to fill empty buckets in the player’s inventory when selected.The spellbook icon now changes colour to represent which spellbook you are on at a glance. In order: Regular, Ancient, Lunar, Arceuus

Un-enchanted versions of Gold jewellery now have unique inventory models to help differentiate between them and their enchanted counterparts.Emptying the contents of the Gem bag into the inventory can now be done by holding down shift and left-clicking it.Emptying the contents of the Herb sack into the inventory can now be done by holding down shift and left-clicking it.