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RuneScape Globetrotter Outfit Details And Effects

The new RuneScape Globetrotter outfit,can be obtained from Zaida RuneScape,Here is some its details and effects,Please read carefully now.

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The guides to get Globetrotter outfit

To deal with clue scrolls,You can buy the new Globetrotter outfit with the treasure trails points from the Treasure Trails Reward Shop, And other items for activities pertaining to Treasure Trails.

Zaida is a Treasure Trail Trainer who runs the Treasure Trails Reward Shop,It offers services including general information about treasure trails, downgrading a treasure trail and a list of hidey holes for treasure trails.

The effects of the RuneScape Globetrotter outfit

Before buying the outfit, you should learn its effects

1.Globetrotter jacket: teleport directly to the clue scroll location.

2.Globetrotter boots: It can give you the energy to run for miles without tiring.

3.Globetrotter arm guards: It can use teleport scrolls stored in bank.

4.Globetrotter shorts: automatically perform the correct emote for emote clue scans.

5.Globetrotter backpack:Exchange your existing leads for a new, same level of difficulty.

The informations about Full Set:

1.If each hidden hole is filled, then act as a clue of the equipment

2.When earning an outfit ability charge,1 less clue is required .

3.You will have an extra reward reroll storage per tier with 4 pieces of the outfit.

4.You can get 1 more reward reroll storage per tier if having 2 pieces of the set,

5.You will have an extra reward reroll storage per tier with 4 pieces of the outfit.

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