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The Old School team plans to release the updates for OSRS Fossil Island in the next days,Let us see what the Fossil Island has Improved,You can know more details and get free 2007 rs gold on the below now.In the above image, the model on the left shows the spikes with the colour we can change them to. The model on the right is how the helm currently appears in-game.

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In November 2017, the Old School has cast vote on Fossil Island improvements, Let’s learn what kinds of changes will be updated.

1.A mini-task list on Fossil Island will be added.

2.Extra tiers of birdhouses will be created, requiring Crafting levels of 45, 50, 60, 75 and 90 for maple, mahogany, yew, magic and redwood respectively.

3.Volcanic Ash will be sold in the Volcano Mine shop

4..A new Mermaid will be increased to the drift net area for holding onto your spare drift nets to save space.

5.The underwater Agility/Thieving activity will award Glistening Mermaid Tears rather than XP in both skills immediately.

What’s more, Barbarian Assault OSRS is located at the Barbarian Outpost,within which a group of 5 players mush play together to fight 10 waves of Penance and then defeat the Penance Queen herself.

The Dragonbone necklace is a unique item, so we increasing its stats a little by adding an additional +6 Prayer bonus, giving it a total of +12 Prayer.We also want to see that at each gear we get rid of a 50% reduction in the rest of the prayer points and replace it with a new one, which will prevent any prayer points from being restored until the necklace is armed for 15 seconds.The Dragonfire ward offers a ranged attack bonus,is a defensive off-hand ,It should increasing the melee defences it provides by 10 and the magic defence by 6.All cheap osrs gold from a professional site: Rsorder. Here you will go through the most convenient service without any problems to purchase.

We’d like to see the crossbow being more effective against dragons, so to combat this, we’d like to offer increasing both the accuracy and damage the crossbow provides against dragons to 30%. This change will make using the Dragon hunter crossbow comparable to that of the blowpipe against dragons, without the higher cost per hit that the blowpipe incurs.

We recently reverted a change that caused the spikes on the Dragon boots to appear duller than usual. This has raised some concerns around the colouring of the spikes on the Dragon full helm, as they have always appeared darker.In addition to all of the above, we’re currently looking into the effectiveness of how some bolt tips work with Dragon bolts. It’s quite the job so it will take some time, but we’re aware that some of the effects could do with improving a little.

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