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Chance to unlock Swtor Togruta species with discount

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If you love or have interests in the Togruta species coming in 2015, it’s really good news to buy them cheaper with the 50% discount. However, there are also some players wondering whether this species is worth buying or not, and we should know its features before making the decision.

Is it worth unlocking Swtor Togruta species?

Togruta have “head-tails” and headpiece jewelry you can choose from like Twi’leks, but they also have large horns called “montrals”. They have a very wide range of skin colors, unlike other species who are often restricted to similar shades of the same color. Their head-trails and montrals are very detailed in texture, and you can see all the small wrinkles of their skin. You can also choose the color of their skin and the color of their montrals, much like choosing a human’s skin and hair color.
Togruta also come with a race ability called “Storytelling”. It has no combat affect, but can be used for fun or for roleplay. It will cause your Togruta to gesture in front of them as if they are speaking to a crowd.
If you want to play a new character with a distinct and colorful species, it may be a good chance to unlock Swtor Togruta now especially with the discount.

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