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This article is part of our “Alternate Characters Guide” that explains the current functions of alts and the best ways to utilize them. If it feels a bit disjointed, click through to our guide hub, get an introduction, and links to even more related topics.Rush to buy neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 with 3x reward point under guide of ALTing until Jan 17

Profession are a popular way of utilizing alternative characters. Since all toons have a hard cap of nine slots, the productivity of your account directly scales with the numbers of characters you use. Additionally alts are set up quite fast because most professions are easy to level. That’s why bringing up professions is a standard procedure even if you don’t actively play a toon.

Leadership Is King

The best profession to level is Leadership. Unfortunately that one is a severe pain and it takes months to get to level 25. Ideally you want all nine slots unlocked before you start it, making even the preparation a grind of its own. The rewards however are worth it. The Resonant Bag,?Artifact Paraphenalia, and?Thaumaturgic Bag?drop unbound RPs that can be sold. It might not seem a lot on a daily basis, but over time it adds up. Especially if you use higher level assets and achieve a decent uptime, the AD gained by Leadership can be significant. Already starting tasks only once per day is enough to notice your wealth growing.

Professions Other Than Leadership Can Be Great, Too

Leadership is the best long-term investment, but you might find value in other professions as well. At the start of Module 6 players had Alchemy farms that produced Unified Elements. Two mods later Masterwork Professions raised the demand of some basic resources and there will be other opportunities. Overall it can’t hurt to start some professions when you’re invoking anyway. I personally bring two common professions to 20, unlock eight?slots (Alchemy works great to get the rank 3 result btw.) and then hop?onto the Leadership treadmill. It might be faster to start Leadership right away, but that way I have two additional professions that I can instantly use in case?they get relevant.

If you want to avoid Leadership altogether then you can produce “crates” for your guild coffers. Each profession has recipes either for “Surplus” or “Gems”. The Guild Marks you gain generate a little less AD (using Explorer’s Charts) than Leadership, but you also don’t need to wait for months until you can actually start farming the profession.


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