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1.Start tomorrow,with the first update in 2018.That is two existing Stalker Creatures RuneScape Seeker (requiring Slayer 71) and Soulgazer (requiring 99 Slayer)are made freely slayable in a new dungeon beneath Daemonheim. Joining the two Stalker Creatures in the first update are elite mobs for you to fight, lore tidbits to discover, a pet to earn and new, high-tier arrows to fletch and loot.And Elder Simulacrum Outfit will also come out in January. You can collect fragments while you train Divination and fuse them together to make the outfit and gain exceptional benefits.

2.The RuneScape Double XP Weekend will take place from the 23rd to the 26th.during which RuneScape will be raising money for Special Effect with a 24-hour Gameblast livestream.

3.And in March 2018, Solak RuneScape, one of the strongest in-game bosses will release. The top-tier boss aimed at groups of seven, requiring the best group work and skill. The fight is expected to have “multiple health bars” in each phase along with sub-attacks that it will use alongside normal and special attacks.

4.Although RS Mobile release date is still unknown, players are encouraged to get involved with upcoming betas, surveys and showcases.

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