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Tip #1

Try finding someone around your cb level,if you want a little advantage try finding someone with a little lever str/level.

Tips #2

Dont try to fight people that have PID over you,especially when tehy are same stats (this will most likely make them win)

What is PID?

(look closely at who gets the 1st hit shown)

What i do when i see someone has paid over me:fight with movement on,this can allow you to get the 1st hit again.

Tip #3

Getting the 1st hit.


Making your oppenent lose hits and making yourself gain fee hits.when your oppenent got the first hit, that is bad thing for you, what can you do about this?try running around the square where you can forfit the duel to make your oppenent stick.Once yhou have done this spam click on him and you will get a free hit.A lot of people say this doesnt help at all. But i don’t think it doese.Don’t forget that Rsorder Offer you cheap RS 2007 Gold 24/7 online. You will get free gold over 50m.