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Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings

  • The Command Experience earned from swtor credits for sale Hammer Station has been reduced in all difficulties to bring it in line with other Flashpoints time commitment.
  • The Ground Pound from the Vixian Mauler in Crisis on Umbara now has a description if a player mouses over the debuff.
  • The Unassembled Components earned for killing Operation bosses has been increased.

Galactic Starfighter

Component + Crew
  • The Ion Railgun area of effect now properly hits the intended radius.
  • Torpedo tooltips no longer incorrectly state that they are immune to missile breaks.
  • EMP Missile now does 50% damage to player ships as intended (down from 100%)
  • EMP Missile reload timer is now 10 seconds (up from 8)
  • EMP Field now has a cooldown of 45 seconds (up from 40 seconds)

Items + Economy

  • When adding an Augment slot to an item, the Augment Kit dropdown box will now sort by whichever kit the player has the highest quantity of.
  • Command Boosts that drop from Command Crates no longer have a restriction on what Command Ranks they apply to.
  • Items that are linked in chat will now show their rarity alongside their name.
  • Decorations have been added to the Mission reward for Solo-mode Flashpoints.
  • Two tiers of new augments have been added to the game:
    • Item rating 230 Artifact quality – Drop inside of the Copero Flashpoint.
    • Item rating 236 Legendary quality – These are crafted, schematics can be learned by the respective Crew Skill trainer.
  • Improved Disintegration – Disintegrating any item that contains stats in the Command Stash will now result in gaining Unassembled Components instead of Command Experience (CXP). All other items still disintegrate into CXP. We’ve made this change to allow for a more robust way of earning the Unassembled Components to upgrade equipment. This brings increased value to each Command Crate earned through gameplay.
  • The cost of all items on the Unassembled Component (UC) vendor has been increased. Note that the rate players earn UC from existing sources has also been increased at the same rate. This change is to account for the changes to disintegration.
  • The number of Unassembled Components that each player currently possesses has been increased by the same ratio as the cost increase noted above.
  • Unassembled Components are no longer found in the currency tab, instead they are a stackable, bind on legacy item in your inventory.
  • The Intermittent Iokath Conduit and Large Iokath Statue decoration will no longer show up in the decoration UI, as they are not currently available in the game.
  • Players can now deposit and withdraw credits from their Legacy Banks.


  • The Unassembled Components earned for completing Warzones has been increased.

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