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The OSRS Fossil Island has been around for a few weeks. few days ago, Old School RuneScape collected a lot of data about how the players are all interacting with it and how many people use the features, and figure out some areas to improve and change.

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Fossil gathering

When you have completed Bone Voyage, do you know you can get the free set of fossils available at the camp? According to OSRS, 18% of players who did build the entire camp still didn’t collect their free fossils by Pete. So that a mini-task list with add on the fossil island, and the list will be written on a notice-board in the camp area. Make more clearer to all the players. In addition, players can also get fossils as the reward for ticking off the achievements.

Changes for birdhouses

For the birdhouses, you may see some extra tiers of birdhouses created, requiring Crafting levels of 90 for maple, mahogany, yew, magic and redwood respectively.

In future old school team will continue to improve, you have any ideas can be provided, they will doing so.

Apple Jubilee has arrived

You can get the modified apples on Treasure Hunter and near the each lodestone, can find a hopper, the hopper been spread the world. Any spare Protean Cogs you have can also be used in the hoppers for a boosted +50% XP. Good luck for you! More cheap Runescape Gold for sale at

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