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Dragon Slayer II released on January 4, now less rs 3 gold than two months time. During the development and testing of Dragon Slayer II, we noticed two major areas that we wanted to draw your attention and gather feedback.

Dragon Bolts
When we first polled the Dragon Bolts, you can add any bolt tip to get the hint effect without increasing the power of the base range.
The purple bolt tip can be connected to a wide range of bolts, increasing their distance power by +15. They have no special effect, so there is no benefit in adding them to Dragon’s bolts. We hope to hear from you, if these should be added to the dragon bolt. It will not add them as a cosmetic, so they will further increase the remote strength of the bolt. This will need to be investigated.

Superior Dragon Bones
Since we have made great strides in the development of our two dragons, it would be too hard for them to guarantee the drop rate of the advanced keel. If nothing has changed, it may be more effective than the actual boss, Vorkath, More profitable. This is obviously what we want to avoid, so dropping as a part of a balanced game will reduce the drop rate.

The dragon will now drop the standard keel.
A firm dragon will have a 1/5 chance to upgrade the keel to a premium keel.
Runelong has a 1/3 chance of upgrading the keel to a premium keel.

That is the 2 changes we need to notice, if you have any suggestions about it, log in your RS account and poll. Waiting the Dragon Slayer II next year.

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