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Fossil Island has been out for several weeks now,how you’ve been using Fossil Island, and have some improvements? and right now the Old School RuneScape team want to make some improvements according to the gathered data about how the players are all interacting with it. Don’t forget that Rsorder is your best place to buy runescape 2007 gold with fast delivery.

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Changes for Fossil gathering
Out of all players who have completed Bone Voyage, only 20% have built 1 fossil case.Most people don’t seem to know about this, and they’re only building the camp to hit a certain Kudos threshold. That’s not especially encouraging for them. OSRS team plan to make it clearer to players what they can do on the island, and offer some rewards for doing the tasks.

Extra tiers of birdhouses & the new Glistening Mermaid’s Tear item
For the most underused birdhouses, you may see some extra tiers of birdhouses created, requiring Crafting levels of 45, 50, 60, 75 and 90 for maple, mahogany, yew, magic and redwood respectively.
Regarding the underwater Agility/Thieving activity, instead of granting XP in both skills immediately, you may be given new Glistening Mermaid Tears items as additional loots, which can be traded with Mairin for XP in the skill that players prefer.

This brand new quest this month focuses on ever-lovable character – Evil Dave. Dave is a huge Zamorak fanboy, and has been busy creating a spell to grab his hero’s attention, and plans to venture from his mum’s basement to spread EVIL across the world.With no Elder Gods in sight, this quest is all about laughs, puzzles, puns and white knights, and with novice level requirements, this quest is available to almost everyone. So make sure you get involved.

In Revolution mode, players will be able to automatically trigger threshold and ultimate abilities, assuming you have enough adrenaline. You’ll also be able to resize the revolution window via the combat settings, so have a play around when it comes out. The average damage given by both legacy combat and special attacks is increased to ensure that a balance is struck when fighting monsters in different modes.

OSRS always make great update, players vote and opinion is the basis of their work, which is why more and more players back to OSRS. Discuss this update on OSRS forums and Buy Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold.