How To Join Dimension of the Damned with free rs gold on Rsorder quickly Nov.10?

The following is the full details about the changes to the Damned finale.Please keep your eyes on it.Have you ever been asked to jump world in some places? Do you use something? Don’t buy things for other players. Don’t accept junk as payment or collateral – their GE prices may not reflect real value! Beware of scammer teams.

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Time changes

Dimension of the Damned Finale has been changed into 20:00 game time on 4 November, 2017. Probably for an hour and a half. The top 1000 players can log in the finale servers from 19:30 game time.

Other changes

Some changes for the Dimension of the Damned Finale, Jagex has be noted.

1. When logging in, your will get Steel armor and some bottle corks to spend at Zrik’s shop, plus a mithril pickaxe and hatchet on your toolbelt, but the gear you have obtained during the qualifier will be lost.

2. The large boss zombie will hit all players in front of him during his AOE attack. And the two boss will not drop Runite items any more.

3. The supply drop rewards will be changed, less of the fluff, more of the power.

4. Only the first 20 players to open the crate can get the rewards before it expires. And Runite rocks will respawn much more quickly (about 30 seconds), so you can try to craft more Runite equipment.

We also Provide your some useful security guidelines,read it now.

Fraud violates game and BBS rules. This should be penalized and will cause your account to be silenced or banned depending on the severity of the fraud crime.

It is easy to avoid fraud through common sense and awareness. This guide aims to help real players attack fraudsters’ tricks and lies. You report any person who you think is trying to cheat you is vital. The more evidence you have, the easier it is to catch bad guys and keep RuneScape world clean!

What should you pay attention to? No matter how the scam is broken, all scams can be avoided by following this advice that is summen up
1.Don’t give up or trade things you don’t want to lose.
2.Complete all transactions in a transaction.
3.Pay attention to each trade window.
4.Beware of overly complicated processes.