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We just have revealed the Dimension of the Damned Finale rules and rich prizes lately, and in no time the Dimension of the Damned (RuneScape DoTD) will come into the game. Let’s learn some tips and limitations at first and buy rs 3 gold .

Tips for Dimension of the Damned (RuneScape DoTD)
The new game mode – Dimension of the Damned (RuneScape DoTD) will allow you to begin your adventure with max level in all skills and some starting equipment in RuneScape Falador, where you can buy some useful items from Zrik.
Firstly, you need to prevent yourself from being bitten, for catching Zombeism will sap your health although it’s temporary. However, this can be staved off by taking an antidote or consuming modified shrimp before battle. Please bear in mind to obtain these from supply drops or in Falador.
And being infected will stop you from getting in.
Above all, kill zombies and obtain as many points as you can within an hour. Just remember you can keep trying as many times as possible, and your best score will be recorded. In addition, just be careful outside of Falador especially as a group, when zombies sense players nearby and rise up from the ground.

The limitations for RuneScape DoTD
1.You cannot complete any quests, join in minigames and D&Ds or other activities while playing the new game mode RuneScape DoTD.
2.Ways to teleportation like the Lodestone Network cannot be accessed, and the bridge to the Wizards’ Tower is also destroyed.
3.You will not see the NPCs, which are not specifically part of the mode.

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