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Swtor Community manager Eric Musco just updated the community about the upcoming class changes for Vengeance Juggernaut/Vigilance Guardian in Swtor patch 5.5, while some damage will be reduced but some increased. The reasons for these changes are also given.never miss to buy cheap swtor credits with Up to $10 cash coupons on Swtor2credits.com.

Class changes for Juggernaut & Guardian in Swtor 5.5

The damage done by Chilling Scream due to the Piercing Chill utility has been reduced by 60%.
Increased the bleed damage bonus given by Bloodmaster per bleeding effect from 3% to 5%, now stacking up to 15%
Increased the melee bonus damage given by Ravager from 3% to 5%
Draining Scream now deals 45% more damage
The damage done by Freezing Force due to the Persistent Chill utility has been reduced by 60%.
Increased the burn damage bonus given by Burnmaster per burning effect from 3% to 5%, now stacking up to 15%
Increased the melee bonus damage given by Master Focus from 3% to 5%
Burning Blade now deals 45% more damage

Why are these changes made in Swtor Patch 5.5?

From the DevNotes, Chilling Scream / Freezing Force was doing too much damage with the Piercing Chill / Persistent Chill utility. It was being used as a single-target rotational ability when its intended use was multi-target AOE, so they reduced the damage it deals with Piercing Chill / Persistent Chill. To make up for part of the DPS loss, they increased the damage of Draining Scream / Burning Blade by 45%, and increased periodic damage and overall melee damage through two passive abilities to make up for the rest of the DPS needed to bring Vengeance / Vigilance in line with its DPS target.

More changes in Swtor 5.5 will be revealed later. Now all changes for Vengeance Juggernaut/Vigilance Guardian are still in development, so we can just wait for the release of Swtor patch 5.5 and get ready for it with cheap swtor credit?from Swtor2credits.

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Don’t worry, it hasn’t escaped our notice that all this is happening after Double XP Weekend. You’ll still be able to get the 50% XP boost from blueprint discovery for the next two weeks.The patch notes for this week are on the lighter side as the team has collectively focused on delivering Invention batch 2. You can read them in the patch notes thread.We hope you enjoy your new playthings. Now go get tinkering!

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Recently, Wisps of the Grove is released to explore. You can find a tree in the center of The Lost Grove. You can find a tree in the center of The Lost Grove, which requires additional nutrients, so you need to collect the wisdom of the five different colored magical mushrooms or the energy, to make rs3 gold a pharmacy for your tree. Then you have the chance to get Farming and Hunter XP and have a chance to get the pet Vinny RuneScape

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But some players are very depressed. Why? They said But some players are pretty frustrating .Why? They said the graphics to look nice,fully zoomed out, the trees still constantly get in the way of your view, and because there are so many trees. And some player complained that looking for too long time. The rewards are not attractive. But many player thinks, it was quite decent XP. If you’re a pet collector though, it’s definitely worth doing it every week until you get the new Vinny pet that came with this update.

Recently, we met the video about Runescape, known as Joshua Pillault, whose name may appear familiar. This is really a gentleman who performs Runescape while providing a threat to a different player.

The basic reason behind this story is he has a warmed argument with an additional player, an insult has been exchanged, another player tells Joshua he should kill themself, Joshua himself admitted inside a confused state with this conflict that he’d Killed himself, but he visited school with him or her! A terrible point, no doubt.

He said the person, who reported him or her to Jagex, who reported him towards the authorities, and then your judge gave him or her six years. Who the prison for that threat of Runescape. It had been in 2012, just Joshua was launched from prison. There is still lots of controversy, that is actually, how long, because other more severe crimes, and even this particular sentence can not only a sentence.

Complete the new D&D

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Greetings Adventurers! It’s the most wonderful day (that is really a month)?of the year! For the next few weeks you’ll be able to visit the Burrow Dawn Inn (as seen at the 2015 PAX Prime live show), be evaluated by Flabbergast and Mr. Snibbly, get mocked by some cheeky gargoyles, and more involving magic and dungeons! Trial of traps is coming with neverwinter astral diamonds on sale.

Both Respen’s and Portobello’s campaigns will be occurring during this time, each with tasks to offer during the month-long event. In between evaluations at the Burrow Dawn Inn, don’t forget to check the event queues for new ways to be tested! A new queue will open up each week, so be sure to check back regularly!

Week 1Trial of Traps - Starts Thursday, September 21 at 7:30am PT (or after maintenance)

Week 2Artificers Workshop – Starts Thursday, September 28 at 7:30am PT (or after maintenance)

Week 3A Rock Falls?- Starts Thursday, October 5 at 7:30am PT (or after maintenance)

Week 4Strange Things at the Burrow Dawn Inn – Starts Thursday, October 12 at 7:30am PT (or after maintenance)

During this event, players can earn a variety of rewards such as

  • Apocalypse Dagger
  • Portobello’s Wand of Sight
  • Owlbear Figurine
  • Pewter Golem
  • Green Slime
  • Adorable Pocket Pet
  • Lliira’s Fare
  • Lathander’s Dew
  • Neverwinter Red Veins

Players may also want to watch out to see if they are (un)fortunate enough to find their very own Beholder Personal Tank.?

We look forward to seeing your many deaths and victories at the tabletop!

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This pack includes:

  • 1 Epic quality Mulhorand level-scaling weapon for your class
  • 1 Bag of Holding
  • 1 Stone of Health
  • 250 Zen currency

To be in with a chance of winning, leave us a reply in the thread below before 8PM BST on Saturday, September 26th when we’ll pick our lucky winners using random.org.

Good luck everyone that enters, and thanks to Perfect World for supplying the codes.

(Rules And Regulations)
- This competition is unavailable to TA Staff members
- One entry per person; multiple entries from the same community member will be disregarded
- Entry is via a comment to this thread
- The winner will be chosen at random by random.org
- This competition is available worldwide
- Entries close on Saturday, September 30th at 8PM BST

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today we are helping you out by letting you know what you need to do in the Offer Run or how many Runescape fans want to call it, Goebiebands.

Teleport There:To start this you want to go to the Mazcab camp.

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Spam Pockets:No fish, you hope, but the bean is ahead of you so you can get 10 tools.

True to the Truth:The goal here is to run from Otot with the supplies. The roads are being explored in the North West part of the Mazcab and North of the Nemi Forest.

People can kill you:How much anyone can kill you in this mini game, but if you do not worry do not worry how you can get all your stuff back, you just have to start again.

Use Size:The best way to get to the end is just going for you! Try not to fight people if you can and use expensive as much as possible as you really are going to make a difference.

Talk to Quercy:Once you get to the end, you want to talk to Quercy that is located at the North West section of the map. It gives up your organization and it is done.

Disable your XP:It takes a choice of two combinations of XP which are Agriculture / Herb, agility / fraud, and Hunt / WC. As you can do all this in just a few minutes it is worth it when you can.

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We have a full suite of live streams, covering both stages this year – check the schedule for details – so make sure you have your alarms set for your favourite sessions! We’ll be streaming the Varrock Stage on our Twitch account, and the Circus Stage on YouTube (kicks off at 11:00 UTC).

We’ll also have a special feature this time round – a YouTube multicam set up, so you can switch between multiple cameras stationed at the event.Make sure you’re checking in on our Twitter and Facebook accounts throughout the day as well for exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews and tours of the venue.We truly want this to be your RuneFest, and to bring the entire RuneScape community together, so make sure you’re tuning in from 09:15 UTC!Thanks for reading. More news and guides of Runescape will be coming incessantly in Rsorder.

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As you know here at Rs3gold.com we are the best place to buy runescape 3 gold and Old School Runescape Gold, but we also love the game ourselves and that is why today we are talking about what the folks at Jagex have said they have planned for the month of September.
Of course, the big news is Runefest which is taking place on the 23rd of September. This is clearly where a lot of Jagex’s focus is going to be in the coming weeks, but they are still working on making Runescape as awesome an experience as possible for us all.

To start with they are changing the way they handle the polls. They are going to start with a post on the forum where us fans can have a discussion about it, then a dev blog and then the poll will go live. Not many developers would go to these lengths to get the fans input on a game so it is really cool to see. Of course, it will mean that it will take longer for a poll to take shape and to get the results from, but we think this is the right step to take.

The other bit of news is that they are going to rework Mining and Smithing. There was talk of getting rid of this skill and starting it from scratch, but instead, they are going to fine tune it and from what we can see. It looks like it is going to be good for those who use this skill a great deal.

With Runefest getting closer and closer that was all they had for us. But to be fair, we can only imagine what a huge undertaking Runefest is and we are just happy to see that they still have one eye on the game as well.

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Big news for RuneFest. The Deadman Autumn Invitational and Winter Season wil be coming.Time on Monday 18th September at about 12 pm. In order to Buy Deadman Season 7 gold and welcome the Deadman Autumn and Winter Season, Fossil Island makc some chang. Our website will be followed the news for the Deadman Autumn Invitational and Winter Season.

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There are some change for Fossil Island, as follows:If you want to know more about the information pertaining to the release of Old School Mobile. And We will always continue to publish the latest information for you.Go on the FAQ transcript from July’s Mobile Q&A or read the Dev Blog: OSRS Mobile. There will be a full range of introduction, you can clearly understand

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Volcanic mine

1.Shop prices have been reduced by about 30%

2.Experience gained has been upped by 40%

3.Meteorites have had their damage lowered to 15-20 from 15-30

4.Meteorites are slightly less likely to fall depending on mine stability

5.You are no longer able to join a my own that is past its preparation phase

6.If multiple boulders exist, you can only mine one so far before you must move the other

7.Points have been given a little more generously to those maintaining my very own stability

Of course,the above is the main change,and some minor changes for Fossil Island (more detail click here).If you need any help or Cheap Deadman Gold,please sign in rsorder.com.

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From yesterday, The Deadman Autumn Invitational is begining at 12pm. The top 2000 players from our Autumn Season will compete for $20,000 in a week’s frenzy, which culminates live on Sept. 23 (Saturday). The time is 12 pm 18th September until approximately 5pm 23rd September. If you miss it, don’t worry. You can look again from the Twitch.tv (twitch.tv/runescape).

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Pay attention on XP:

1. There is no cap on XP gain.

2.Unskilled players protect all XP lost on death.

3.There is a 50x rebuild rate on XP in stats that have been lost on death.

The others:

1.All players has a skull penalty .The skull penalty will last for 5 minutes. If you previously had a skull with less than 5 minutes remaining it will revert to 5 minutes. If you not it will unchanged.

2.One minute grace period for reasonable kills. A reasonable kill can be defined as killing a player within 30 combat levels of yourself.

3.POH pool are not available within 3 minutes of fighting.

4.All rune and arrow shops now restock at a much faster rate.

At last, the most important is Barrows is accessible for the week of the tournament.but Raids, Zulrah, and Lava dragons are inaccessible for the entire. Buy cheap RuneScape 3 Gold and RS07 Gold on rsorder.com. You can get the 9% discount(CSP9).

The best Ranking of modules is coming with neverwinter diamond on sale

Today The best Ranking of modules is coming with neverwinter astral diamonds Xbox one hot sale. After ranking twelve to nine and eight to five. it’s down to the top four! So let’s get the drum roll ready and count down the best modules to date!
4. Maze Engine

Let’s get one thing out of the way: The campaign of Maze Engine is just awful. Going out and killing a random demon mob across different adventure areas might be the most boring setup there is. However, that’s pretty much all I have on the flip side.
I’m not sure everybody realizes it, but Maze Engine is actually a module that introduced tons of changes that made sense. It might be the best “QoL” addition to date. Let’s list it:


2.Stronghold economic changes in favor of players

3.Queue system

4.Streamlining and update of old campaign

5.Mount system

Stronghold progression is still a pain for all those little guilds, but the improvements in Maze Engine indeed helped a little. The queue changes in the meantime are easily one of the better tweaks this game has seen so far.The old content got easier and cheaper to complete. The mount system admittedly was as much a new grind and power creep as quality of life improvement, but the way the game developed it never was quite as painful as other systems.
I think some players might be disappointed in the group content. Maze Engine brought back a lot of the dungeons Elemental Evil had removed, but in controversial form. Castle Never got majorly streamlined and couldn’t generate the atmosphere and challenge of its glory days.

2. Shadowmantle

Still not everything was perfect, and that’s another reason why I can’t go higher. With many exploits and bots, the game sometimes felt like NW on cocaine. Progression was endless and fast, and maybe that’s a big part of why players loved it.
It was too good to be true… The devs designed a game that was completely taken apart by its players. Foundry, the Gateway, dungeon exploiting. The legit community that still exists today was founded at that time to get into legit runs. Because exploiting was indeed the norm.

1. The Cloaked Ascendancy

For the same reason I struggled placing the vanilla version of the game, I felt like I had to put up a more recent module in this spot. It’s actually a combination of me liking the Cloaked Ascendancy as well as honoring the general direction the game is moving in.
The Cloaked Ascendancy offered a deep breath after Storm Kings Thunder had just been stuffed with stupid grind. Voninblod, Heroic Encounters, three zones to run quests in and Fishing. Oh boy! I couldn’t keep pace and in the end I also no longer wanted to. There was no way I was going to fish up one more map no matter how profitable it was. Since the Cloaked Ascendancy I feel like I can do more of the stuff I like to do. It just feels great. I get that’s subjective.

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