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As the release of osrs gold and Fossil Island, this week brings Sulliuscep mushrooms granting players Mort Myre fungi and Sulliuscep cap. Wanna know more details? Check them as below.While we think it is pretty cool, you would really have to be a very respectable level in order to get a bond this quickly. He gives it his best college try, but he just cannot quite get it done in the five hours he initially sets himself.

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Location and requirements of Sulliuscep mushrooms

You can found Sulliuscep mushrooms in the swampland of the island. Before you access to Fossil Island to chop, it requires you level 65 Woodcutting. When chopping them, you will receive bittercap mushrooms.

Tips to chop down Sulliuscep mushrooms

Mushroom pie can be made by the mushroom cap the same as the Golovanova fruit top. You will get a +4 Crafting boost when eaten but it required 60 Cooking to bake. You can also find six Sulliuscep muchrooms in the swamp. The mushrooms have unique root systems different from normal trees. You can only chop one of the six mushrooms at a time.

The swamp is a dangerous place, you can make a special kind of fungicide to clear the mushroom and move onto the next one to avoid getting hurt. We would love to hear from you guys about this kind of thing. Do you think it is possible to get a bond is 5 hours, or even sooner? Have you tried it or would you even attempt it? Also, do you enjoy watching other OSRS players do this kind of thing? We love the community and seeing people take the time to challenge themselves is one of the things we find fun.

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