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A player suggests adding a new low level boss – Cockroach Queen RuneScape in the game, which will be available for F2P players too. And his design for this boss is highly acclaimed by many players including Jagex Daze. Do you want to learn the design and buy RS 3 gold?

Why does he want to add this boss?
He has three purposes, and one is to introduce a new boss explaining how or why the cockroaches are there. Another one is to introduce low level players to the enrage system used by Araxxor and Telos. And the final one is to introduce fixed phase system.?

How can you get to the boss lair?
You need a key to access the boss lair, which is rarely dropped by cockroaches with 1% drop rate from cockroach soldiers. And every 25 kills after the 100th increase the drop rate of the key up to a maximum of 5%. However, if you are still unlucky until 500 kills, after that you will have a guaranteed drop. And the door will be permanently unlocked once it’s opened with the key, which is one-off.?

What are the stats for Cockroach Queen?
The Combat level of the new boss is 140, and her life points is 30,000. In addition, her max hit for regular is 480 while special attacks can go up to 1500. What’s more, she’s immune to stuns.?

What’s the design for her mechanics?
With a boss health bar at the top of screen, Cockroach Queen has 3 phases. At the first phase, she will give regular attacks, while her HP is down to 20,000, she goes into the second phase and calls her soldiers to attack you. And when her HP goes down to 10,000, she will go berserk.

What will her enrage be like?
Once she is defeated, her enrage will add by 1-5% according to the kill time until a maximum of 100%. And faster kills will cause higher increase to enrage.

What are responses to the design from other players?
Most players show their support to the design, including Jagex Daze, who thinks this new F2P boss will serve as an entry to “proper” PVM.?

Perhaps the new boss will appear in the game in the near future depending on the comments from these players. Let’s expect it and buy RS 3 gold?with 10% off code: RSB10.

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