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When is Oddments available?

From Aug 2nd until Aug 7th, you will receive prizes and Oddments when opening chests. This Oddments can be used to get more amazing items.

What prizes can you get?

Several prizes can be exchanged to little trinkets, including more Treasure Hunter keys and rewards from past community events, such as the Sword of Raddallin, Energised Arm Cannons and the Mystical Staff. From Oddments store, you also can get the Silverhawk Boots (members only) and the Spring Cleaner at no cost.

When you get the prize from chests, you can check how many Oddments you will receive from interface. If you have any unwanted prizes, you can cash them into Oddments to use in the reward shop.

Note that cashing leftover oddments is only available until 14th August. And during this event, all lamps and stars will be replaced with their prismatic counterparts.Dear RuneScape players! The August is coming, what’s coming up of RS? Follow RSorder to have a look. If you need some cheap RS Gold, welcome to buy from

Throughout the month in August, due to the beach back to the Lumbridge crater area, there are plenty of sandy travelers. This is a great way to improve your skills with tropical twist.

In addition to many of the existing seaside items, this year also added a lot of new unique rewards, such as new hammock recreational animation or sand castle pets.

The second part of our new achievement system is also in this month’s game, according to your continued recommendations to bring some new features and interface improvements. So are you interested?

According to player’s suggestions, Achievement system part 2 will release with some new features and interface improvements. Based on its difficulty, you will be granted different points for every achievement you’ve earned. What’s more, random fun stuff, minigames and PvM encounters will be also added soon.