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As the release of osrs gold and Fossil Island, this week brings Sulliuscep mushrooms granting players Mort Myre fungi and Sulliuscep cap. Wanna know more details? Check them as below.While we think it is pretty cool, you would really have to be a very respectable level in order to get a bond this quickly. He gives it his best college try, but he just cannot quite get it done in the five hours he initially sets himself.

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Location and requirements of Sulliuscep mushrooms

You can found Sulliuscep mushrooms in the swampland of the island. Before you access to Fossil Island to chop, it requires you level 65 Woodcutting. When chopping them, you will receive bittercap mushrooms.

Tips to chop down Sulliuscep mushrooms

Mushroom pie can be made by the mushroom cap the same as the Golovanova fruit top. You will get a +4 Crafting boost when eaten but it required 60 Cooking to bake. You can also find six Sulliuscep muchrooms in the swamp. The mushrooms have unique root systems different from normal trees. You can only chop one of the six mushrooms at a time.

The swamp is a dangerous place, you can make a special kind of fungicide to clear the mushroom and move onto the next one to avoid getting hurt. We would love to hear from you guys about this kind of thing. Do you think it is possible to get a bond is 5 hours, or even sooner? Have you tried it or would you even attempt it? Also, do you enjoy watching other OSRS players do this kind of thing? We love the community and seeing people take the time to challenge themselves is one of the things we find fun.

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For example, one of the questions was about whether Jagex should add another kind of money to the game? We are sure this can not slow down and Runescape’s convenience is one of its main appeals.Another interesting question was about Jagex changing the currency route. Although interesting theory, we hear that in the launch of the Runescape Mobile get closer and closer,For your convenience,Rsorder runescape gold mobile selling is available now,Jagex will not be aggressive with gold anyway as it works right now and they do not want to implement bigger changes as new players will appear.We know this type of thing is not for everyone and even if you do not share in the questionnaire, it’s important to watch the discussion that is happening. if you would like share what you think,welcome discuss with me at facebook right now!

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Recently, everyone continues to be discussing pets inside Runescape. We also set our time in to the game, and today we should celebrate our tiny partner Skilling Animals to play slightly fun. These men are already there for of a year, and most of us have got an actual kick from these. These are our own favorites.

We understand that these are hard to have, but they are really cool! believe us all! The best suggestions pet in Runescape, child jaga’s pet (buildings), how bizzy will be this? Just as there is a little chicken walking on you, like this is a strange voice, just a super cute factor.

Dojo Mojo Animals (Agile)

Except which he is a sword using a monkey, what else must say is Martial arts school Mojo Pet? If that’s not a bad factor, then we actually don’t know what it really is.

Gemini (creation)

There’s slightly sweet here. We just like the character design, he reminds us all Knack (you are not as effective as PS4 game), yet we just need him to laugh more.

Herbert (Herblore)

We think this guy could be the most cute talent pet argument. He seems like something in Pokémon! He is a very good man and we have been happy to let him see a Rsorder office.

Rue pet (Runecrafting)

We do not necessarily actually know anyone who has this person, but we similar to this design. Jagex has was able to make Rue Pet see this is a cute thing, but concurrently you know it could mess with you right away. Have you ever squeezed any Skilling family pet? Let us realize, be sure to omit some money and look at our low price at Rsorder.

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After you join up with Velen and the rest of the invasion wow gold party, it’s time to embark aboard the new draenei vessel — the Vindicaar. It serves as the base of operations for your time on Argus and is outfitted with a variety of conveniences that become accessible over time, including an innkeeper, mailbox, profession trainers, portal to Dalaran, repairs, quest givers, vendors, the?Vindicaar?Matrix Core, Navigation Console, and Netherlight Crucible.

Netherlight Crucible
The Netherlight Crucible is a forge that will help you enhance the relics on your Artifact weapon. As you progress through the storyline on Argus, you’ll unlock the forge’s abilities and the additional power of your Artifact weapon through your chosen relics.

Navigation Console
The Navigation Console aboard the?Vindicaar?connects to beacons on the surface of Argus. ?These beacons will help you quickly travel from point to point throughout Argus and back to the?Vindicaar?when needed.

The Matrix Core
Several?Vindicaar?powers unlock within the Matrix Core at the heart of the ship as you progress through Argus. These powers can be used to aid you along the way.

  • Light’s Judgment:?This allows you to target and fire Light’s Judgment, the?Vindicaar’s?main weapon, while on Argus.
  • Lightforged Warframe: This allows use of the Lightforged Warframe mechanized armor suit while on Argus.
  • Shroud of Arcane Echoes:?This allows the use of the Shroud of Arcane Echoes’ power, making you untargetable by enemies for a limited time while on Argus.
  • Fel Heart:?The Fel Heart of Argus allows you, when on Argus, to be brought back to life after taking fatal damage and continually heal while not in combat.

Thaumaturge Vashreen?(Ethereal Vendor)
Veiled Argunite can be earned in a variety of ways including killing rare elite mobs. Much like Nethershards on the Broken Shore, this currency can be used to purchase Relinquished items from Thaumaturge Vashreen that create ilvl 910 soulbound gear for your specialization.

Profession Trainers
Not all Profession trainers can be found on the?Vindicaar, but with a new world to?exploit?explore, there are new opportunities for new crafted items. Azeroth’s finest will need the best equipment to take on the challenges ahead— and opportunity awaits for their crafters.

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Have you join the Heat Wave before? If not, don’t worry, the second Heat Wave is coming today. Summer sun, something’s begun, it’s time for our second Heat Wave of the month. Prepare more RS gold to join it now, the time is start!While still small, RuneScape is celebrating its very first anniversary, Jagex is sharing RuneScape’s new statute in the new video series – 10 of the longest dry tracks in XP, Crabbe (pet thumbs) have ever taken players 160.1 million XP To get, is 830,861 devil gods, no more, and number 1 – pet invention (Malcom) has bounced two 200m XP players or more to get. Would you prefer to see these stats?

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What’ the time of Second Heat Wave ?

From 00:00 UTC on August 25th until 23:59 UTC on August 28th

The reward of Second Heat Wave

The upper XP is unlimited, when you at the Beach to enjoy your party, we’ll be getting rid of the upper XP limit. You won’t have to reset your cap unless you want to. However, if you’re after those Bronzed’ or ‘Sunburned’ titles, you can reset up to six times a day.In Gielinor do not worry, as long as you are willing to train. The only condition is fun. Buy cheap Rs 2007 Gold to start it right now!

Hey, guys as always a big thank you to those who have been coming here to buy OSRS Gold. We have worked really hard to make sure it is as low priced as possible. The point of today’s blog post is Runescape Bonds. Bonds can be great if you want to get some membership keys, runes or just for having something to sell or bargain with.

What got us on this train of thought was FlippingOldschool, who is a YouTuber and he set himself the goal of trying to get a Bond in only around 6 hours of game time. Now he gives a few reasons for this like if you got hacked, did not have much game time left and wanted to get a bond as quickly as possible. But for us, we love it when people take on this kind of challenge. Check out his channel and give the video a watch as it is pretty interesting to see.

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SWTOR Game Update 5.4 Patch swtor buy credits Notes. This patch will be deployed during maintenance from 5 am to 9 am pacific on Aug 22.


  • New Flashpoint “Crisis on Umbara” – Prepare to lead the ultimate covert assault: battle your way across a moving train, brave the wilds of a dark new world, and more in a high-stakes new Flashpoint! When a deadly traitor is tracked to the shadow-world of Umbara, you’ll need to lead a strike team to confront the betrayer before the galaxy is thrown back into war. Available in [Solo] Story, Repeatable Story, Veteran, and Master Modes.
  • New Stronghold “Umbara Mobile Base”?– Once you’ve uncovered the traitor, expand your command with a new Stronghold, the Umbara Mobile Base! For the first time, personalize your very own moving train and enjoy the sights as the shadow world’s eerie landscape passes by.
  • Ranked Season 9 Begins!?With Game Update 5.4, Ranked players will be receiving their rewards for the end of Season 8. That also marks the beginning of Season 9, so get in there and go berserk!
  • Senya Tirall Customization?– Senya can now have her appearance customized and take advantage of your favorite armor sets!
  • Item Rating Display?– A new addition has been made to the character sheet which displays your average item rating. This will help a player determine their overall power level. Additionally, the new Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint has a minimum item rating requirement to queue for in group finder.


  • The amount of damage which is shielded will now be displayed in the combat log as intended.
  • Corrected an issue where the player would be unable to interact with a Stronghold hook while using a filter in the decoration UI.
  • The Manaan Stronghold is now properly set as a rest area.
  • The Conquest Objective “Critical Missions: Galactic Flashpoints” now correctly states that it requires Veteran Flashpoints. The objective has not changed, this change addressed a typo.
  • The Guild interface will no longer jump to the top of the list if a member note or rank is adjusted.
  • Accidentally entering a space as the first character in the decoration UI will no longer stop the search from returning results.
  • Companions can now be summoned while moving.
  • A new option has been added to the Graphics preference menu for higher graphics settings called “Enhanced Shadows” which will improve the realism of contrast and shadows.

Classes +Combat

Jedi Knight



  • Reduced the critical strike damage bonus granted by Saber Storm from 15% to 10%
  • Reduced the damage bonus to Ataru Form attacks granted by Ataru Mastery from 5% to 3%


  • Increased the damage done by Burning Slices by 35%

Sith Warrior



  • Reduced the critical strike damage bonus granted by Sever from 15% to 10%
  • Reduced the damage bonus to Ataru Form attacks granted by Ataru Mastery from 5% to 3%


  • Increased the damage done by Bloody Slashes by 35%




  • Flechette Round’s damage has been reduced by 27.78%
  • Flying Fists’ damage has been reduced by 27.68%


  • Brutal Shots weapon damage has been increased by 13.97% but it no longer triggers Sanguinary Shot damage
  • Brutal Shots no longer deals additional damage per bleed effect. Instead, Brutal Shots weapon damage now triggers additional damage from your periodic bleed effects
  • Sanguinary Shot now costs 10 Energy and deals 14.29% more damage

Imperial Agent



  • Acid Blade’s damage has been reduced by 27.78%
  • Collateral Strike’s damage has been reduced by 27.68%


  • Corrosive Assault weapon damage has been increased by 13.97% but it no longer triggers Toxic Blast damage
  • Corrosive Assault no longer deals additional damage per poison effect. Instead, Corrosive Assault weapon damage now triggers additional damage from your periodic poison effects
  • Toxic Blast now costs 10 Energy and deals 14.29% more damage



  • The “Strategic Supremacy” utility will now properly root enemies that have been revealed by Stealth Scan.
  • The “Paralytic Augs” utility will now properly adjust the stun duration of Neural Surge and Cryo Grenade.

Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings


  • Gear dropped from some Flashpoint bosses will now be appropriate to the level of the character who looted it as intended.


  • The adds which spawn during the Bestia encounter in Dread Palace no longer award experience points when killed.


Trial and Error

  • The door leading to Alirra Semhess will now open as intended.

Items + Economy

  • The Ambient Machine Stronghold decorations will now play sound effects when they are interacted with.
  • Multiple Stronghold decorations have had their Valor Requirement removed.
  • Corrected an issue where a Free-to-play player is able to equip a color crystal that requires Artifact Authorization, which then made the weapon unusable for that player.
  • The Iokath Superweapon Prototype decoration will now continue to spin once it has been placed in a hook.
  • The Stronghold decorations from the Dread Warlord Pack can now be purchased for Guilds.
  • The Stronghold decoration “ALREADY SOLD!” has been hidden from the Stronghold interface since it is not available in game, it is already sold…
  • Color crystals and weapon tunings which have been account unlocked can now be moved through Legacy Weapons.
  • Multiple typos have been fixed in the Deepwater Essentials Bundle description.
  • Corrected an issue where the visual effect for Laze, Snipe, and Lethal Shot would not activate with certain sniper rifles.

Missions + NPCs

  • The Unassembled Component rewards from various PvP Missions have been adjusted:
    • Unranked Daily Mission: Now rewards 10 Components, down from 12.
    • Unranked Weekly Mission: Now rewards 54 Components, up from 40.
    • Ranked Solo Daily: Now rewards 15 Components, down from 16.
    • Ranked Solo Weekly: Now rewards 100 Components, up from 30.
    • Ranked Group Daily: Now rewards 30 Components, up from 20.
    • Ranked Group Weekly: Now rewards 200 Components, up from 60.


Novare Coast

  • Corrected an issue where a Sith Warrior or Jedi Knight who used Force Charge or Force Leap near one of the turrets could get stuck in the terrain.

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This week we announced a new screen match log. We are looking forward to a successful PvP tournament,and wilderness wars. Ammunition and Rune can be collected in a way rs 2007 gold that has been significantly improved, what’s more, you can participate the Fossil Island log in screen competition.

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THE Wilderness Wars

We announced earlier this week that we will participate in insomnia 61 a brand new event: Wilderness War!

The Wilderness will involve 245 generals of five generals. The generals will have an incredible power, and their combat skills will greatly improve the damage to any soldier.

Starting from the random areas of the wilderness, the five armies will win and have the chance to win a $ 15,000 prize pool! There will be a sudden boss with a special booty to upgrade the player equipment, which will greatly increase their damage.

You can watch the Holocaust on Saturday 26th BST 4:00 pm Insomnia61 personally .

participate in the Fossil Island Log in Screen Competition

In order to coincide with the arrival of Fossil Island, we provide opportunities for you to exercise creat we were very excited to see what you had provided for us at this time.

The teacher’s login screen works by taking this photo and mirroring it. The submission must be sent to old school It must also be the same size.which includes:

the “login screen” in the subject of the e-mail
Attach your design to JPG
Include your RuneScape display name in the body of the email

please remember the deadline for the login screen match is Monday, September 4. The winners will be selected and will announce the game update on Thursday 7th. what’s more, the winner of the match will receive 12 months of RuneScape membership and the login screen in the game!

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We will be in this week, to deal with people looking towards change the Shattered Worlds in some great benefits of Anima. In inclusion, Rsorder there are some around the fantastic ninja fix and patch records, can make the teeth in problems.

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Broken world Anima rebalances

Here we’ve heard your comments, and the busted world’s animation rate continues to be greatly increased. The world regarding 71 and above is currently rewarding an computer animated 29m-37m + hour hourly based all on your own personal combat capability as well as other random factors inside the Shattered Worlds.

How much the challenge in addition has increased:

Bronze – 250,000

Silver – 1,000,000

Gold – 7,500,000

We also adjusted the price tag on the huge Slayer light from your “Broken World Prize Store” to 6 thousand to calculate the newest and improved dog and plant costs. In addition, Ninjas brought improvements on this week’s patch records, including adjustments to be able to Livid Farm plus more updates to F2P participants.

Here are several Free to Play:

1,The F2P player is now able to receive and supply the employee from your boss inside Dungeoneering.

2,The F2P player is now able to be equipped using a peer-to-peer device coming from bronze to Rune in alternative methods to lock the particular membership.

3,It is currently possible for F2P players being equipped with bronze and also runes for P2P palm claws, darts and also throwing shafts, and so they can now furthermore use steel claws.

Vivid farm:

Repair the expense of the Rifle spells coming from 2 stars, 1 universe and also 1 legal symbols reduced to 1 star, 1 galaxy and 1 legitimate symbol, the XP rate of varied activities increased simply by 50%. Bundled goods, logs and boards is now able to be stacked inside the player’s inventory. The random function will now be awarded for the player’s production point as opposed to runes.

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A big new update for Battlefield 1 is out neverwinter astral diamonds now, and it’s mandatory. The Lupkow Pass Update, as it’s called, adds the first map from the In the Name of the Tsar expansion, Lupkow Pass, along with a number of fixes, weapon tweaks, and a lot more. please dont forget to buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds on Safewow.

Starting with the map, Lupkow Pass is set in Russia, in the Carpathian mountains. It’s a vertical-themed map, DICE said, and it’s a pretty nice-looking arena of death. While the Lupkow Pass update is required for everyone, you need to buy the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass or the In the Name of the Tsar expansion to play the new map.

As for the gameplay changes, the update makes it so stationary MGs no longer do damage to nearby players when they are destroyed. The update also fixes a problem that could make weapon loadout UI disappear.

Horse-riders are in for some good news, too, as the turn speed of horses has increased by 25 percent when standing still. Not only that, but the effectiveness of horses jumping over obstacles “should now be much more reliable.” The horse changes don’t end there, as there is now an option to switch between toggle or hold for sprinting on a horse.

You can see the full patch notes for the new Battlefield 1 update below,as posted on the Battlefield website.

If you don’t already have Battlefield 1, EA also today announced and released Battlefield 1′s Revolution edition, which packages the game together with its Premium Pass for $60/£55/$90 AU. Additionally, it shared the first details about Battlefield 1′s new Incursions mode.

Battlefield 1 launched last October and has been hugely popular. By the latest count, the World War I shooter had 21 million players.

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Tasks system in runescape, also known as achievement diary, means a set of small challenges that players may complete in order to earn rewards. The players should know the task in the designated place. But there are life skills level requirements.So in most cases, leveling time will be longer than the time to do diary. Completion of the achievement diary will not get the task points, but will bring some other incentives. Non-members only have Lumbridge’s achievement diary, while members have more.

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Task difficulty is sorted by levels needed to complete: Easy tasks require skills up to level 40, Medium tasks require skills up to level 65, Hard tasks require skills up to level 75, and Elite can require skills in the 90s.


Lumbridge: Exploer’s ring- from the novice to the difficult reward 1-4 grade ring;

Varrock: Varrock Armor- from simple to elite reward 1-4 grade armor;

Ardongne: Ardougne cloak- from simple to elite reward 1-4 grade cloak;

Falador: Falador Shield-from simple to elite reward 1-4 grade shield;

Fremennik: Fremennik Sea Boots-from simple to elite reward 1-4 grade boots;

Karamja: Karamja gloves- from simple to elite reward 1-4 grade gloves;

Seers’Village: Seer’s Headband- from simple to elite reward 1-4 grade tie headband;

Morytania: Morytania legs-from simple to elite reward 1-4 grade leg armor;

Desert: Desert Amulet-from simple to elite reward 1-4 grade necklace.

Most of these rewards are not valuable in their attributes, but rather in their special features.

Antique lamps

Antique lamps require the player to have a certain level in the skill it is used on. The highest requirement is 85-98, for the lamps awarding from 50000 to 95000 experience.

In total, the antique lamps from all area achievements combined grant 2385500 experience.

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Double XP Weekend is on the way,rs3 gold kicking off at 12:00 UTC (game time) on 15th September, and running until 12:00 UTC on 18th September.

That’s 72 hours of +100% XP for RuneScape members and +20% XP for free players. If you’ve not partaken in Double XP Weekend before…you should! It’s big, noisy fun with the whole community, and a definite ‘Scaping experience.

Start prepping now to maximise your gains on the big weekend. Stock up on vials, unstrung bows, or whatever you need to power through your skill (or skills!) of choice.

See you in game on 15th September!

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