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Yesterday, Jagex has announced that Runescape World Map was available for you to use the map icon in your minimap for a full screen option. Now, we will share the information to you.

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How to open Runescape World Map?

With you playing in game, the resizeable, floating world map can be open. You can even have other interfaces open alongside it.

How does Runescape World Map work?

1. Click the key button found in the bottom left of the interface to see a key.

2. Clicking on one of the items in the key will cause the icons on the map to briefly flash, allowing you to easily locate whatever it is you are looking for!

3. You can move the floating world map by clicking the border at the top and dragging.

4. Click the border anywhere other than at the top of the world map window and drag to resize.

5. Using the search function to find what you are looking for.

6. Entrances across the surface of the world have map link icons which, when clicked, displays the destination of that entrance.

How to reach?

As Dungeoneering is trained primarily in Daemonheim, players need to travel to its location on a huge peninsula off the east coast of the Wilderness. Keep in mind that starting or joining a party in Daemonheim always requires using the ring of kinship in a player’s inventory, so player always needs to bring a ring of kinship.

Boarding a Fremennik ship at either the dock behind the Al Kharid bank or the dock in south-west Taverley. Players arrive at the edge of the Daemonheim peninsula and follow the path to the castle. This is the recommended method for those players who without Rings of kinship.

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How to Train theving methods in rs with 7% off rs gold on Rsorder During June.1-June.7?

Today, we Rsorder will share the thieving skills in RS and how to training it with you. The following steps are a guide to buy runescape gold and help you thieving stat as quickly as possible. Remember, they are just guidelines.

1-5 level
When you first start stealing, there is nothing to choose. You have to start stealing men and women because they are the only ones who can be at level 1-4 (one to say, the more RS gold could upgrade your level). Once you reach level 5, you can reach Baker’s booth.

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5-25 level
After reaching the thieves above 5, you can now remove the items from Baker’s booth, which is the best time for your level. I suggested stealing about 25 thieves from Baker’s stall. Then you can put your gun on the fighters.

25-42 level
Finally, you can have more things around RuneScape world. You should start stealing fighters to reach your level and then when you reach 32 you can try the goats in the wilderness. They are good experience, but you should keep up with the fighters.

42-65 level
You should now be 42 years old and steal from the guards. Yes, guards catch you a lot and use food, but they are good for your level. The criminals in Ardougne will be the best place to recommend. When your health starts to go low, you can pick some lighter food from the baker’s booth. If you want to take a break from the guards, try the main farmers, easy to click, they should catch your guards.

65-72 level
You can be free from wasting your own food! If you have completed the “observation tower task” and start, then you should go to the extension of the clock tower or remote transmission. Whenever you steal from Yanille Watchman, if you escape detection, they will give you some bread and GP. While it sounds like a good deal, you should be able to bring 10 units of food until you stole from a few Yanille Watchman, or a higher level.If you have already completed this arduous task, then you can use the Menaphos Desert City, using the 65th level of the twenty-one point, which will allow you to reach 150k xp, depending on your thieves level.

72-99 level
You can now steal Paladin at the level of 70, but you have two options:If you want to make a lot of money, you should pull the holy warriors to whatever you want.If you want to earn less money and get the best experience, then you should go to a knight and start stealing.No matter what you choose, it becomes easier from here, every level can do this.

The best and quickest way to train your thieves at this level is to use the pyramids to plunder. You can get up to 150,000 hours of experience at level 71, and each new home can use a better experience.That’s the guidelines about thieving, you can play it in your game, maybe it’s benefit to you.

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Here at Rsorder, we are more than just offering you the best place online to buy rs gold. We also like to share information and our opinion on Runescape as we are huge fans of the game ourselves. Well, just the other day, new patch notes were released and we thought we would take a look at a few of the things that caught our eye.

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Runescape Patch Notes For 22nd May 2017

Explorer Jack: Explorer Jack will once again give out rewards to players for completing area achievements.

Mahjjarrat Aura Buff: There was a 5 percent damage increase buff for this that was taken away, well now it is back.

Strykewyrm Attack Range: Their range has been increased so you can no longer cheap shot them from a distance (damn this is a bad one)

15 Percent Damage: The Berserker, Maniacal and The Reckless auras 15 percent extra damage they take can no longer be avoided.

Trollheim Patch: Compost can now be added to Trollheim Patches, even if they have something already growing in it.

Luck Of The Dwarves Ring Update: This one is really cool! The Luck Of The Dwarves Ring not only gives you luck. You can now use it to teleport to The Grand Exchange or Miscellania.For the full list of Runescape, May 2017 patch notes head over to the Runescape Patch Notes Forum Thread where you can see each and every little change.While not the biggest update, we feel that the few changes they have made are for the better and will make the game a more enjoyable experience overall, but we would love to hear your opinions on this patch in the comments section below. Also, take the time to check out our amazing deals on Runescape Gold and save yourself some serious money!

How to Level Up While Making Money in RuneScape

Runescape is a game that runescape gold requires a lot of attention and focus to progress, especially when you’re starting out. Much like every other RPG game, Making Money & Levelling Up are the most important for a player. Getting Runescape Gold and Levelling Up requires a lot of detection and hard work especially when you want to do them both at the same. Safe RS Gold isn’t easy to make while leveling up which is why brings you the easiest ways to level up and make Gold at the same time.

1. Start Completing Quests

The simplest, most effective and enjoyable method to make rs gold and level up at the same time is by completing quests. Completing quests results in you gaining a lot of experience from killing monsters as well as separate experience for completing the quest. Additionally, you get a reasonably hefty award for completing Runescape quests as well.

2. The Lumbridge Cow Fields

If you’re just starting the game and need some gold and experience fast the best way to head over to the Lumbridge Cow Fields. Start killing cows one by one by equipping your sword and shield and picking up the cowhides they drop. Keep repeating the process until your inventory is filled with cow hides which you can put in your bank for now. Once you feel like you’ve gained enough experience head over to the Grand Exchange located northwest of Varrock and withdraw all your cow hides and then sell them to get a fair amount of safe RS gold.

3. Start Farming

If you want more Runescape gold and keep leveling up then farming for items is the best way to go. The key is to find monsters that are relatively easy to take down and drop great loot which you can then sell. If you are a mid-level player than farming Lesser and Greater Demons for gold is the best way to go. Lesser and Greater Demons have high HP and are strong but not strong enough to pose a major threat and drop high price items like rune med helm and rune full helm which can be sold for 20K. Cockroach Soldiers are another great alternative if you want a lower level enemy, these are relatively easy to kill and the items they drop can be sold for a lot of gold.

4. Dragon Hides

After you’ve leveled up quite a bit the fastest way to make more money is by selling Dragon Hides. Compared to cow hides, dragon hides sell for a much larger price. The Red & Green dragon hides sell for 3k and 2k respectively and can be exchanged for gold in game for quite a bit of gold. The general level of a green dragon is 68 so you should be higher in terms of levels and stats before taking them on.

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On May 8th, Jagex has announced the starting of Gielinorian Giving Event. As Gielinorian Giving Event started, he has buy cheap runescape gold teamed up with our three chosen charities CPSL Mind, The Prince’s Trust and YMCA. Now, let me introduce the event to you!

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Date of Gielinorian Giving Event

May 8th – May 21st

How to Start

Speak to the charity representatives north of Lumbridge Crater


1. Collect Charity Tokens through regular skilling and combat training activities.

2. Experience one of Agents of Fury or Sprites-Be-Gone, you’ll get a 20% better return from training Agility, Constitution or Prayer.

3. Hand in up to 1000 Charity Tokens per day to unlock rewards, including the Defender of the Mind cosmetic outfit – complete with the Aegis of the Mind shield – and an Angelic Inari pet.

4. The spectacular Defender of the Mind cape – available from Solomon’s Store or the event interface (RuneCoins only) for the duration of the event.

5. Increase your daily cap on Charity Tokens by spending RuneCoins in the reward shop.

6. All proceeds from sales of the cape and from RuneCoins spent in the reward shop will be donated, split between the three charities.There is no Requirements in Gielinorian Giving Event. Buy cheap RS Gold for Gielinorian Giving Event on Rsorder!

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Runescape Old School Interesting Summer Happening

We have had a ton of fellow cheap rs gold Runescape players come to us looking to buy OSRS Gold. But we also like to share any interesting OSRS news that we may get. We all know that many of you (us included) are very excited for the opening of Menaphos. But you strictly Old School Runescape players are not being left out this summer as there is some cool content for you as you can see here in this blog post that was on the official Runescape site.

Basically what is happening is that there is going to be some very special offers on. You get three months of membership for the price of two which will carry you through the whole summer. Which is pretty neat as there is some pretty big stuff happening in Old School Runescape this year. The Inferno is going to be opening on the first of June and then Fossil Island is going to be available in early September.

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Runescape players attention! Menaphos Slayer Dungeon will arrive in June, 2017. With the launch of the Menaphos Slayer dungeon, the Slayer skill cap will be increased to level 120 and three new Slayer monsters will be created. Are you ready for this new update? Rsorder is your best choice with cheapest price, fast delivery and 100% guarantee.

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Date & Location

A new Slayer dungeon will be added in June 2017 which will be located in Sophanem.

120 Slayer

New content will be added such as the player being able to become their own Slayer Master and create their own Slayer assignments. Levelling from level 99 to 120 Slayer will take around 150 hours with an average experience rate of around 600,000 experience an hour once the level cap is raised.

New Slayer monsters will be added in 120 Slayer which will become a Completionist cape requirement. However, players will be given at least 3 months amnesty, until the release of the second in-game area expansion in September 2017, to obtain the requirement.

New Slayer monsters

1. Abyssal savage (requiring level 95 Slayer to kill)

2. Abyssal beast (requiring level 105 Slayer to kill)

3. Abyssal lord (requiring level 115 Slayer to kill)

All of these will be options that players will be able to choose in place of an abyssal demons task. As with regular abyssal demons, the effects of darklight and abyssalbane ammunition will work against the new monsters.

NextGen accidentally leaked in livestream with runescape gold 50% off sale on 5.22

During a livestream on Friday, Jagex Mod Shauny accidentally leaked a logo of what appears to be some kind predatory bird with the words “NextGen” below. Actually, what is Runescape Next Gen? Is it somthing relating to Runescape?

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Jagex has apparently been working on something related for quite some time, according to a Reddit thread from 2015 linking to a now deleted job listing that was for a “next gen” MMO. The most recent overhaul, called NXT, happened only last year. It is possible to think Next Gen is any kind of sequel to Runescape, but could either be another overhaul or something else entirely.

Base on David Osborne, Runescape’s lead designer. “This was a slide from an internal company livestream, so there must have been something leftover from that,” he wrote, before adding in another comment that people shouldn’t “expect any further information any time soon.”

Now, we are pay highest attention to the newest information about Runescape Next Gen and keep posting when the official explanation has been given.

Account Security Week in Runescape
On May 15th, Account Security Week has been added into Runescape. In Account Security Week, you will get some rewards if you have the RuneScape Authenticator enabled on the account.

What is Account Security Week?

RuneScape Authenticator is a Account Security in replace of old Jagex Account Guardian system. As the RuneScape Authenticator has been release on May 15th, you will get some rewards if you have the RuneScape Authenticator enabled on the account.

What reward will you receive?

If you have the RuneScape Authenticator enabled on the account, you will get some rewards 2 extra Treasure Hunter Keys every day they log in from 15th May to Sunday 21st May.

If you claimed your XP lamp in October 2016 during Customer Support Week, in this time, you can claim a second lamp during this week only!

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Preview Uprising Gameplay & Tips to Get Set Bonus Gear in KOTET

The gameplay of the Hoth swtor credit Uprising has been revealed, as well as new endgame armor. It highlights that commend crates will always drop gear, instead of a set bonus gear. Here is a tip for you to get a set bonus gear in KOTET.

General views for the gameplay of Uprising

1. Veteran balanced for gear with augments. Lots of unavoidable damage and avoidable damage that can potentially one shot you. Scaled like difficult hardmode flashpoints.
2. Balance for rating 240+ purple gear (i.e. balanced for people with rating 220/224s with current gear).
3. Going to need a mix of mid and endgame gear. You won’t be able to walk into Veteran on day one and succeed.
4. Goal is 15-30 minutes per uprising.
5. Veteran mode has no extra mechanics, just more damage output/HP.
6. No solo mode right now but you can do it with less than 4 players and have companions join you.
7. There is a command point bonus for being in a full group for uprisings/operations etc.
8. Uprisings should be one of the most efficient ways to get Command XP
9. Currently you don’t get a token every time you run an operation. So you shouldn’t expect a set bonus gear to drop every command crate. You will still get one gear per crate, just that it may not have set bonus.
10. Combat Training area on the Fleet has been converted to an area with Uprising Terminals and terms for heroic quests.
11. Something new for Life Day. No details yet.

Tips to get the set bonus gear from Command Crates

As the update says, Command Crates always drop gear, but they don’t always drop set bonus gear. Here is a tip for you.
Try and get your set bonus gear before KOTET expansion comes out if you don’t already have it. You can get the pvp set if you aren’t able to run operations for whatever reason. The expertise should be converted over to main stat at launch.
When the Eternal Throne comes and the rng fiesta begins swap mods and enhancement from that gear into whatever shell you’re using for the current armouring. For example when I get my first bracer drop and it doesn’t have the set bonus on it, just rip the mod and slap it over my current one maintaining my full set bonus.

KOTET is coming soon with Uprising! May the above tips are useful for you to get set bonus gear in the new expansion. Well, never forget to stock up cheap swtor credits instantly for the update!

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