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WOW will bring us a new update WOW 7.2.5 PTR after almost two weeks, when WOW 7.2 launched. Within this update, there will be the Black Temple Timewalking, some new events as well as the new pet battle challenge. If you are eager to this new update WOW 7.2.5 PTR, you can learn more details about WOW PTR notes here.

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The Black Temple Timewalking in WOW 7.2.5 PTR

The Black Temple with the Timewalking version will require you to scale to level 70 and item level 141, and then you can come into The Black Temple in Outland. Although we don’t know whether it’s still a weekly bonus event, we still feel excited about its coming.

It’s the first time that WOW brings an old raid to Timewalking, and it’s a good chance to see if players like the future Timewalking raids or not.

New events in WOW 7.2.5 PTR

There are three new events in WOW 7.2.5 PTR, which are Moonkin Festival, The Trial of Style, and Auction House Dance Studio. As one of the first events players can test on PTR, The Trial of Style is like a dressing-up contest, in which players can change their outfit with barber’s chair and vote for the best they think.

Pet Battle Challenge: Deadmines

While you complete Pet Battle Challenge in Deadmines, there are seven stages in Deadmines. After the completion eventually you will obtain a Pocket Cannon.

Class design

Apart from the above major features, you should also pay much attention to the class design when testing WOW 7.2.5 on PTR, especially the following: Destruction Warlocks, Outlaw and Subtlety Rogues, Brewmaster and Mistweaver Monks, Havoc Demon Hunters, and Guardian Druids.

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