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The Helter Skelter has finished its community construction in Lumbridge Crater and the rest of the Spring Fayre has arrived, bringing with it your fortunes, activities and rewards. Check it out for XP, prizes and one awesome ride!Every day you’ll receive 100 tokens to spend how you like in the Fayre. Taking part in any attraction will award XP and give you cheap rs 3 gold a chance at a prize ticket, which can be spent on the Fayre rewards.

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Zoltan Machine: Receive a gloomy misfortune, and collect all 17 to complete your misery!

Hook a Duck: The Beach favourite is back! With three levels of difficulty, how many ducks can you get?

Helter Skelter: Ride the Helter Skelter top to bottom for a guaranteed prize ticket and one hell of a good time!

Bucking Baroo: The adventurer Prezleek will help you on-board this fearsome ride. Hang on tight when you’re up there!

Pickaxe Wanging: Toss the pickaxe at the runite rocks and see how accurate you are!

Fortune Teller: Kristlin the fortune teller has many secrets, and some she will share with you. Do the skill related to the fortune that you get and receive an XP reward.

Test of Strength: How strong do you think you are? Hit the bell to prove it!

Agility Funhouse: Find Karri to jump into the funhouse and find obstacles to cross, wriggle through and jump over.

Easter Egg Shy: Knock over the eggs with your choice of weapon – ball, cabbage or chinchompa!Candy Floss: Cook up some candy floss for the Fayre.

Dancing: Make sure you do the right dance to maximise your experience!All of the above activities will reward either xp or bonus xp, and you can keep training for as long as you have tokens to spend! Further tokens and prize tickets can be purchased the tickets and tokens stall with RuneCoins. Additionally, the below activities will give different benefits:

Scavenger Hunt: Trixie’s in need of some items, and wants to enlist your help! Support her in her endeavours for a medium thieving lamp.Claw-dia Stall: Win fabulous prizes this hook.Portals: The Beach portals are back, giving you easy access to popular places.

Chinchompa Hunt: Speak to Menowin when you arrive to get your chinchompa map. Once per day you can search it for chinchompas for free (with a charge for extra goes) to find rare outfits pieces, but beware, the map will refresh every week! One outfit set will be available per week, but once it’s changed old outfits will then be available for sale by right-clicking the map item.Please Note: The festive/easter eggs at the fayre are just for fun. They are not for anything specific – they’re just something nice to collect. You will need to have found them all (along with many other things) to unlock a special title, but you don’t need to keep them.

Helter Skelter Rewards

When you’ve got enough tickets, you can spend them on any prize you like. Prizes can be purchased many of the Fayre vendors in a tradeable token form. Speak to Nixie, Rixie, or Prezleek to see what prizes are on offer! You also have a rare chance of winning prize tokens while taking part in the Fayre activities.

Fulfill your Idea about Combat Pet with Combat Pet Competition

What do you think of rs gold combat pet? Have you ever imagined the appearance of your favorite combat pet? Right now you have an opportunity to fulfill your imagination, for Runescape holds a Combat Pet Competition. If you happen to have interest in this, please hand in your submission when you are ready for it.

The ways to submit your idea

one way is to hand in the pet picture to with the subject title “Combat Pet Competition”, and at the same time the contents should include your display name, the name of the pet, the skill that the pet can do, your description for the pet and other details you want to share. Just remember your ideal pet should be designed with the following skills: Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged, Strength or Summoning.

The other way is to upload your imagination to the twitter or instagram using the hashtag #MyCombatPet with the above contents on the image.

The deadline of the submission

The submission ends on May 9th, 2017, which means you still have enough time to design your combat pet right now.

The process of the whole competition

1. Submit your ideal pet

2. Ninja Team will pick out the top 5 pets of each skill

3. You can vote your favorite pet among these selected pets in Runescape.

4. The final winner for each skill will come true with the help of Ninja Team.

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Buy 07RS Gold with Up To 10% Bonus for Client of Kourendr on 2017 Spring Sale Until May 10

In this week, Jagex has added Client of Kourend quest and Morytania Achievement Diary in Runescape. Completing this quest and assignment, you will receive a large bonus. Wanna get this reward? Stock up RS Gold or 2007 rs gold in our shop!

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How to complete Client of Kourend quest?

Talking to Veos on the Piscarillius Pier to start your Client of Kourend quest and there are no requirements to start this quest.

What reward can you get from Client of Kourend?

Completing this quest, you will get the the following rewards:Two experience lamps which provide 500 XP each.An instant 20% favour increase in any house within Great Kourend.Permanently doubled rate of gaining favour in all houses within Great Kourend.

Slayer Tower Bonus

As before, when you complete an assignment in the Slayer Tower, you only get the reward 10% increased Slayer experience for the elite Morytania Achievement Diary. But now, Jagex has added a similar reward to the lower tiers of the Morytania Achievement Diary. It is easy, medium and hard diaries that offer 2.5%, 5% and 7.5% Slayer experience boosts respectively.

With talking cabbages, talking eggs and also plenty other crazy things taking place. This is just about the most fun special activities, we have done in some time now and we usually do not want to spoil it to suit your needs. But just do that which you said and it’s going to start things off to suit your needs nice and effortless.

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Ok so as the only person in the Rsorder office who took part in Treasure Hunter when Rainbows End was taking place. I wanted to share a few thoughts on it and why it was one of the more underrated Treasure Hunter “events” to take place the last year or so. Look I know that some of you come here to buy runescape gold so that you can get gear to make your character look like a total badass, but I thought the rainbow theme from Rainbows end was a nice change of pace… Kind of weird, but I still got a kick out of it.

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Treasure Hunter Rainbow’s End

To give you an idea of what Rainbows End was all about there was Rainbow Chests and when you opened these up you had the chance to win a multiplier token. What was really cool about this was that there was a chance for a multiplier token that would multiply your prizes you earned during the promotion up to 7 X! So this was an event that you could really cash in with and most people who I know that took part in it did.

You may think that your character looks all cool in your steel and leather gear, but just wait until you are standing next to mine who is wearing a rainbow cape! In all honesty, this was not meant to be taken serious and it was just a lot of fun and something to brighten up the game with and I thought that was cool.

Also offering a multiplier up to 7 X was just awesome and one of the reasons I love Treasure Hunter so much and try to get other people in the Rsorder office and other Runescape players, in general, to check it out. So next time there is a Treasure Hunter event, do not just ignore it, give it a try and you will have fun and score some pretty cool items as well.

Cheapest Swtor Credits & Useful Tips for Destroyer of Worlds Uprising

Swtor Destroyer of swtor gold Worlds Uprising is more than a story mode uprising. This is four-player content. Did you go through this Uprising? Here is a guide on Swtor Destroyer of Worlds Uprising. You can buy cheapest Swtor Credits to go ahead with the following tips.

First, collect six Dark relics to remove Dark Whispers Debuff

Dark Whispers debuff can reduce healing received on all your guildmates. All Dark relics to remove this debuff are scattered from the entrance to the second set of bosses. Once you collect the relics, you can summon a bonus boss. But don’t summon it until you defeat the second boss, or you will need to do two fights at once.

Second, Escort Droid away from mobs and tentacles

The Droid you escort often run ahead and get damaged by the mobs and tentacles. If it happens, you can use Droid repair kits to get it moving. The kits are in the small boxes lying around.

But you had better run ahead of the droid to clear the mobs and tentacles, without using the repair kits. Thus you will get an achievement.

Last, take down five bosses one by one

1. Chief Engineer Penzaren (HP: 499k on story mode, 924k on veteran mode). This boss summons tons of Keeper Droids. You can AoE them down, and keep doing it until Penzaren’s shield are removed, and then focus damage on Penzaren. In this fight, you can cast Area Purification which can do DoT damage if you stand on the red circle.

2. Velloc & Skurr. You have to kill these two bosses in 9 seconds, as one of them casts Primal Rejuvenation to resurrect the dead one. So you had better spread your damage evenly in the fight. Outstandingly, tank need keep Velloc in a corner and let the ranged DPS wail on him. Or the situation would be out of control.

3. The Caller In the Dark (HP: 1.43M on story mode). It is the bonus boss. You had better summon it after you kill Velloc and Skurr. This is an overtuned boss that deal heavy damage and summons 4x Void Whispers. When it reaches low HP, it casts Extract to regen a small amount of HP. So it must be a quick fix.

4. Jedi Master Adelade (HP: 1.43m on story, 2.1m on veteran). Adelade has two basic attacks – Leap and Force Wave, which can be easily avoided. What’s worse is her debuff which deals DoT damage and slows down your movement speed. You have 3 seconds to move out of it.

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Now, we all learned that the particular band declines by means of RDT and also indications. Today MOD declared one more hint together with Hazelmere may be accomplished minus the band going.Thus today can you nonetheless need this kind of band?For sale in the particular obtain regarding runescape gold coming from top-notch fantastic thugs today low-cost! Hazelmere signet band acquire indications to be able to fall, i will be by the end with the calendar month, organize the particular related proof and also details could be Hazelmere’s signet band and also launch media.

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Concurrently, the particular Section regarding security provides validated the piste or perhaps RDT could be the proper observe to obtain the Hazelmere signet band, that has been received following your video game.

Yet today, this individual claims, carry out the particular twitter updates to obtain the scroll Hazelmere band just isn’t. Which means this kind of band is offered coming from RDT’s quick fortune.

Just what must we all carry out?

Could possibly locate this kind of unusual drop from your obtain regarding runescape gold coming from murderous thugs low-cost, when Hazelmere’s signet band can’t manage to be able to fall the particular piste, it really is tough to reduce the particular top-notch fantastic mob RDT. Furthermore, to have this kind of drop needs participants to be able to use the particular fortune with the dwarves.

Thus we all will not be really easy to have this kind of band. Yet this kind of powerful band will probably be worth the grand strength and also benefit.

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Hello there, my close friends. Grab any sparkly lunarfury beauty protect attached to be able to 12: 59 UTC Apr 10. We have been gathering the particular silent celestial body basketball within your persona inside the education method develop Satanic force Natural stone, inside the everyday difficulties regarding prize rogue, or perhaps together with some other player investing. Go through the available lunarfury software, to buy runescape gold method the particular bride’s bouquet regarding some of the half a dozen bundles and also a few diverse extra guns.

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You’ll get any runecrafting XP each and every time you are doing.As soon as you use any beauty protect.

It is possible to educate the particular mining or perhaps constructing natural stone to be able to improve their particular Sigil (or perhaps utilize the Silent celestial body Gem Basketball : acquire or perhaps acquire the particular prize rogue), at some point discover almost all improved upon, stunning model.

Obviously: when you have accumulated every one of the initial stage.

You need to use the rest of the basketball runes : inside mining or perhaps up to 10000 tennis balls inside each and every develop satanic force expertise to be able to make XP.

The particular venture can be any low tradable forex inside Apr 24th video game up-date, along with untouched will probably be eliminated with UTC moment about May well 6th 12: 59. When we all pick the best destination for a acquire RS gold, we all furthermore want to start to see the estuaries and rivers and also wetlands, you might be one of the most intriguing thing in the particular market is always to enjoy teleblock a lot more intriguing part.

We realize in which regarding a number of the usage of teleblock RuneScape can be an asshole shift, yet we all identified the particular wilds can be an part of just what it indicates going to one other participants tele obstruct will be honest video game long gone.

There could be some individuals which point out they desire several teleblock.Can it help make items fairer?

We all learn how to dislike it could simply become enjoyed once more teleblock right away exchange. Yet it really is area of the entertaining. You must offer and also acquire, it really is merely a great way several participants have the loot. Thus the very next time you would like to acquire gold coming from runescape development.

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Neverwinter Shroud of Souls Module with Of The Nine Lockbox

Neverwinter Shroud of Souls expansion is coming into Neverwinter PC on May 2, with the “Of The Nine Lockbox”. Here’s a sneak peek at the stuff in the new boxes, featuring Poisonous Looking Spider and a Decaying Stage. Now it’s time to stock up astral diamonds neverwinter for the new module.

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Of The Nine Lockbox is a Stronghold Pack

The Glorious Resurgance Lockbox has been updated with “Of The Nine Lockbox” on the PTS. There, we can learn that there is a legendary and epic mount and a new Artifact in the new box, as we as some changes to the blue drops. It is a Stronghold Pack which fits the update.

It contains one of the following: Cavalry’s Mount Pack, Keep’s Artifact Equipment Pack, Squire’s Companion Pack, Advisor’s Artifact Pack, Noble’s Enchantment Pack, and Lord’s Stronghold Pack.

Enchantment & Artifact Equipment Pack

Enchantment: Lifedrinker Enchantment and Bloodtheft Enchantment with limited use.

Artifact Equipment Pack contains a new Cloak of the Protector which can be combined with any Greater Belt and Cragmire Artifact for a minor set bonus.

Mount Pack

Mount Pack’s tooltip contains a “Decaying Stag” or a “Poisonous Looking Spider”. You can get one of the following: Moss-daubed Horse, Hell Emblazon Worg, and Poisonous Looking Spider. Or you can grab one of two glimmering Stags: Celestial Stag and Starfade Stag.

In addition, you can also obtain an Artifact of Power – the Sigil of the Nine. With it, you can get a nice group utility power that roots a target and enhances damage by 9% at Mythic quality. It would be the only Artifact that directly buffs the groups’ damage.

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Up to 10% bonus for U to buy rs3gold and enjoy Runescape Guide regarding returning Players Until May 10

Ever since RuneScape at first came out there were a lot regarding changes and After all A LOT! It is possible to almost bet that all single inch with this game has changed in the event you were playing it back 2007, but it doesn’t mean you can’t jump back in the game an individual once loved. Plenty of your previous information and skill could have a place inside the latest version regarding RuneScape, but whatever you find lacking you may manage to locate further on on this guide.

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First and also foremost, this right listed here is a tip if you are returning to the sport for initially in years: download the client , nor play on any browser. The original attract to RuneScape was which it was a browser-based MMORPG although the developers carry out still provide support for your browser version with the game, it remains recommended to download the sport via the consumer. Overall, it would cause a much simpler and entertaining come back to the game; something that the particular browser version may well put you faraway from – what sort of defeats the point of returning to the game to start with.

Combat is the following point you’re going to find out a considerable change to although the original battle triangle does still use a place in the sport:

-Magic beats melee

-Ranged surpasses magic

-Melee surpasses magic

As previously stated, the combat triangle still remains the identical, but there’s an entirely new interface so that you can thrust yourself into that you will want to understand. No longer can you just click by using an enemy and wait until certainly one of you keels above and dies. As an alternative, you’ve got a massive array of abilities that you must activate to carry out some truly significant injury to your opponent. These abilities come beneath the hue of simple, threshold, and ultimate abilities and so they all have their requirements to utilize.

When it concerns basic abilities you need to use them pretty much however, you see fit and once you do use a single, your “adrenaline” increases by 8% as soon as you’ve got no less than 50% you can easily cast a threshold ability that may drain about 15% than it. If you find a way to save your adrenaline entirely up to 100%, you can forged an ultimate ability that may do a lot of damage, but will depletion all 100% of one’s adrenaline. Looking at it written may seem any tad confusing, but I can easily assure you that whenever you try out there this new battle system for initially you’ll get the hang than it all very swiftly.

On your come back to the game you will find very much new quests you can do at your very own leisure, but generally they can be performed in any distinct order; unless you might be trying your highest hardest to chase from then on one set regarding armour you never have got yet.

One thing that a lot of assuredly will matter however will likely be your skills – especially the basic principles, like mining, food preparation, and woodcutting. There are tons of skills – equally new and outdated – and many you’re going to desire to put some moment into for very much different reasons, with the principal one being that in the end; at least initially anyways, it’s going to produce you many your cash. All things considered, there’s only a great deal profit you can easily gain from at random picking stuff off the floor and asking; don’t beg, even though! No one loves it and every person involved just feels weird by the end of it. Earn yourself some cash the correct manner and you’ll step far from your computer in which day feeling just like you’ve actually attained something; a feeling which you won’t want to overlook.

Runescape 2017 Easter Mini Quest!

Is there a game that loves its cheap rs gold special seasonal events more than Runescape? We do not think there is and this year, Jagex really spoiled us with a very fun special event for Easter. Today we are taking a closer look at that event and letting you know what we thought of it.

Many folks in the office had a lot of fun with this. Burthorpe is where you need to be and it could not be any more obvious how you start the quest, you talk to the out of place Easter Bunny! We found this very amusing and love it when Jagex exercise their sense of humor. Sure he may stick out like a sore thumb, but we thought the Easter Bunny was really cool.

This is a pretty simple quest, but it is also fun and fun is what it is supposed to be. Still, there are a few things that you will need.

1 Bucket Of Water

1 Cooked Shrimp

1 Log

1 Compost

10 Potato Seeds

Once you talk to the Easter Bunny, he gives you a “magic notepaper” when you click on this you will be given a clue. The first clue he gives you will require that you go to the cabbage patch, south of where the Easter Bunny is, where you will find a “special” cabbage. He will ask for some stuff, give him it (it is some of what we have listed up above) and then get ready for the next clue.

With talking cabbages, talking eggs and plenty other crazy things going on. This is one of the most fun special events, we have done in quite some time and we do not want to spoil it for you. But just do what we said and it will start things off for you nice and easy.

Once you complete the quest the Easter Bunny will hook you up with some items including an Easter Bunny head, Bunny Emote and a couple of medium sized Butterfly Jars.

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