Neverwinter astral diamonds Challenge of the Gods Returns with Celestial Mantle and Dye Pack

Great news! Neverwinter Challenge of the Gods is coming back on February 9! You must be level 10 or higher. After completing the challenges, you will get rewarded Celestial Mantle transmute, Celestial Grace Dye Pack and neverwinter Enchantment.

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When will Challenge of the Gods start in Neveriwnter?

The challenge will start on February 9 after the maintenance and end on February 15 at 7:30 AM PT.

What challenges will you meet?

Before accepting the challenges of the gods, you will be required to slay monsters in seven levels so that the gods can test if you are level 10 or higher. Taking down those monsters and then claiming the loot mean that you accept the challenges of the Gods.

And then, you should do the following tasks in the names of the gods:

1. Kill 2 foes without using any healing potions;

2. Kill 5 foes within 1 minute

3. Donate to your Stronghold’s coffers within 3 minutes. Only appears on Stronghold maps.

4. Kill 10 foes without using any Daily Powers

5. Kill 10 foes without using any Encounter Powers

6. Survive 30 seconds of combat while under half health

7. Use Daily Powers 3 times in 5 minutes

8. Use Encounter Powers 10 times in combat

9. Complete 1 Heroic Encounter within 10 minutes.

10. Use 3 skill nodes within 10 minutes


After completing the challenge, you will be rewarded some special items, including Celestial Mantle transmute, Celestial Grace Dye Pack, and the Vicious Neverwinter Enchantment.

Besides, you can have a chance to gain high-value items, like Lathander’s set items or the Forgehammer of Gond, from a Blessed Gift of the Gods. The Blessed Gift of the Gods is the reward of the daily quest offered by the Speaker of Ao.

To be honest, Challenge of the Gods is an interesting event and offers you a nice break in the grind. Moreover, the Celestial Grace Dye kit is not to garish and fit clerics and neverwinter paladins. This event goes live soon! It’s necessary to buy neverwinter astral diamonds on xbox to prepare!

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