A Funny Weapon in Neverwinter

Weapon is always the main focus in Neverwinter, which will affect your combat effectiveness, so what kind of weapon do you like? Personally, twisted weapons.

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How twisted weapon works in Neverwinter? Twisted weapons are the most funny. For they have Bloodlust and Paranoia. Bloodlust gains you 160 power when you strike an enemy but loses a stack when you

are struck. Paranoia gains 160 defense when struck but loses a stack when you strike an enemy. Neither Paranoia nor Bloodlust may exceed 24 stacks or be reduced below 1 stack.

When you are struck, you gain one stack of Paranoia up to 24, and this will remove any of Bloodlust down to 1. Either stacks of Bloodlust or Paranoia will be added to the character’s stats. The

concept of the alternating stacks is interesting, as they seem to encourage you to play smart.
Sword Coast Adventures are a mini game in Neverwinter. Players can select four companions of the character and send them to adventures with dice-rolling challenges.

Players will choose adventures from tiers. Every adventure have many challenges and a boss. When you beat the boss, the adventure will be end and you will get enchantments and seals as rewards. If

you lose, you will pay health as punishments. Every character will get a daily roll as prize. The prize includes rare equipment, copper, and companion experience.

Besides, there are bonus events in the game and they will be different in different days. The bonus includes seals, gold, astral diamonds, profession resources and companion XP. After you complete

the required tasks, you will get these bonus.

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