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With Solomon – RuneScape, microtransactions, Squeal of Fortune and buying bonds/xp. So if Jagex is gonna be sold again this time to the chinese i bet the microtransactiosn will become much much much more! I mean they want their $300m back and profit ofcours! I for one do not like that fact its the chinese, i’m sorry but i do not!!, i like that Jagex is english, it feels good and trusted and it should remain that way! I fear many greedy new things will be added like buying your levels with real money and selling accounts! You never know what these chinese will do and that uncertainty is really easting away at me! If they change too much the game will lose hugh amounts of players and will go belly up! We all know that rs players do not like change! Remeber those new skill capes, freakign riots in all worlds! EOC ?? removal of wildy!! All cost a lot of members!, also microtransactions will cost p[layers to leave we are gettign less and less cvalue for our money! And have to buy all the extra stuff separately!! Its disgusting!

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Jagex isn’t known for making great decision in the past, but this has to be the worst thing to (possibly) happen to RS since SoF. It’s a Chinese mining company, A Friend, not a gaming company. Do you honestly believe that they give a about the games long term integrity? Do you think they care about the game at all? Of course not, all they care about is how much money they could make from it, and if this happens, there is a 100% chance that they’re going to ruin this game even further with microtransactions. I don’t doubt they will just throw them into OSRS too. This is ONLY a bad thing, and I can’t see ANY positive from opening up to the Chinese demographic. I just hope this is one big prank.

The very second the company sells jagex I’m selling my account and ended my runescape fun. No, never in a million years. Welcome to micro transaction city boys, if the Chinese don’t buy it now they will buy it under another company with a different name to ghost the intentions. 300m dollars? They’re going to have to double the fee of membership and release ” expansions ” for them to recover the money. In no way do I see this going a good way for the game. It’s fine how it is why change it at all. If jagex sells it shows you what kind of people they really are. Ones that don’t care for the integrity of the game.

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Money is an important resource in Old school and there have been many guides dealing with how to buy cheap runescape 2007 gold make money in Old school. It is true that there are various ways available for making money in Old school but at times, you just need a quick buck and some of these methods just do not fit the bill. How to make fast money in Old school is a completely different scenario and it requires some specific ways which can even get you up to 150k per hour.

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Some Popular Ways of Making Fast Money on Old school

One of the best ways to make money in Old school involves flax and Bowstrings. The main idea behind this is getting flax and stringing it into Bowstrings. The stringing part would require 10 crafting and you can make the bowstrings and sell them in bundles of 500, easily amounting to 130k per hour. Runecrafting is another popular method of earning huge amounts quickly in the Old school gold universe. This would require you to complete the Rune Mysteries Quest but once done, it would translate to an easy procedure and some fast cash amounting to 300k an hour. Stealing is another quick way of making money in Old school and you can practice it to earn huge amounts. After getting around level 20 in thieving, you can steal silk and sell it at another place, like steal from Ardougne and sell at Varrock, to earn lots of money. You can even follow this by stealing fur but for that, you need at least level 35 in thieving.

Questing, an Easy Way to Make Money in Old school

Questing is an intrinsic part of the game play on which Old school is based. Basically, questing is all about completing various mini-games available in the Old school world. If you want to earn money in Old school then you can complete all monster killing quests that come your way. Killing monsters is a good way of earning fast cash because the spoils of your fight usually fetch you a good price in the market. Be it huge dragons, giants or small animals like cows or even chickens, there is a fair price for each of the loot gathered by killing these animals. However, a good skill level and the necessary weapons are essential for earning Old school money through questing.

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I got some things to say about Runescape 2016 | Road to 120 Slayer

I got some things to say about this runescape gold video and I hope you find some of them useful. Everything here is pretty much personal opinion, some have higher

1. Buy the ability to add Bonecrusher to your toolbelt. Helps a lot with tasks like dark beasts which allow for demon horn necklace use. Also good for tasks where you want to pick up bones with the bonepicker upgrade from the Arc.

2. Always carry alch runes if you are going to kill monsters that drop alchables. Spring cleaner is also good but when it doesn’t do it’s work or you don’t want it to having extra pair of alch runes is very handy and saves inventory space. Just bring high alch spell to a bar and press it either after you’ve killed something or right after you’ve used an ability. This way you can cancel animations and save time and space.


3. Always use Charming imp. Picks up charms for you, costs 100k dung tokens. When you get points add it to your toolbelt as well.

4. Seedicide. Yes, I’m a fan of drop cleaners but you can’t do dark beasts without this since the seeds aren’t even worth that much so why not convert them all to xp instantly? Doesn’t take long to get from cabbage facepunch Bonanza. Also addable to toolbelt for 500 slayer points.

5. For dark beasts try using aggro pots+ovls(variants) and deflect magic. You can aggro them all and use multi-target abilities to bring them down. The only healing you’ll need is vamp aura. If you want to use demon horn+bonecrusher you won’t run out of prayer.

6. You should be able to tank/aoe down all 5 iorwerth elves at once(since I am able to do so with lesser gear) and heal back up with ss. There’s usually 3-4 elves in that spot but sometimes 5th one walks in. I hop worlds to find a good one with 5 and get good KPH.?

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RuneScape Frank isn’t really replaceable, though you can remove him. He’s in there to counter the Gold Gain Ozan deck strategy, which is fairly niche (though removing your opponents runescape gold can be useful elsewhere. There are other cards which remove runescape gold, but not close to the scale of frank. If you like the card draw aspect go snowy wolf, but otherwise I’d add more weapon grief, as weapons are a fairly common occurrence across the board.

Speaking of which, there are a couple good alternatives to Black Knight Titan. Bar fight (remove 2 durability, battle opponent) and Kalphite Emissary (4/4, rival loses 5 armour and 3 durability. 1 rs gold reward) are both good weapon counters. Bar fight can remove 3 durability if you take a hit, and as you’re stacking base attack also gives you a means to hit your opponent. Emissary can provide a small counter to armour decks, and allows you to remove durability without having to fight your rival (if that might kill you).

Black Knight Titan

The plan was to do the beginner decks as the ground work for more advanced decks. As the game is in its infancy, it made sense to do that first, but now I’m going to start branching out and show casing more advanced stuff like this.

As for replacements, i usually suggest Slimetoes for Kayle Runescape, but this deck has both. Runescape KGP is the sub for Kyzaj, but again this deck has both. Vorago doesn’t really have an equivalent and only exists as a big weapon to equip at the end if against an ap deck, so can be excluded, and there’s no real good alternatives to frank, though if you like the card draw do white wolf. I would add 2 and maybe some more heals if i needed to replace everything.

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Blizzard has announced the new “micro-holidays” with all the dates in WOW 7.1.5. It will last from January to August. As Nighthold raid is coming on Jan 17, WOW Patch 7.1.5 would be released on Jan 10. Anyway, you may have a try to wow micro-holidays on 7.1.5 PTR, but you should never miss them when the patch releases because they are totally different from ones on PTR.

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Schedule for WOW micro-holidays in 7.1.5

The micro-holidays in Patch 7.1.5 will provide all players some more variety and fun, instead of participating for big rewards. These events will stand outside the regular in-game events, like Brewfest, Winterveil or Hallow’s End. WOW micro-holidays 2016 include:

1. Call of the Scarab from January 21 to 23. This event is to commemorate the first ringing of the Scarab Gong on January 23, 2006. This time, players can relive Gates of Ahn’Qiraj.

2. Hatching of the Hippogryphs on February 23;

3. March of the Tadpoles on April 5;

4. Volunteer Guard Day on April 28. That is time to bring out the WoD guard transmog!

5. Spring Balloon Festival during May 10 – 12;

6. Glowcap Festival on May 27;

7. Thousand Boat Bash during June 6 – 8;

8. Un’goro Madness during August 10 – 12.

Details about upcoming Gates of Ahn’Qiraj event

1. It is likely be region wide. If not, anyone on the wrong side of an 80:20 server is going to find themselves at the graveyard very often.

2. This event will be Alliance vs Horde, not Alliance and Horde. The winning faction will be able to have their flag hang over the gates and claim bragging rights.

3. If it made old AQ scarab mounts rarely obtainable, the AQ event would be much more appealing. But so far, no one can confirm it. If you want to obtain AQ scarab mounts, you might as well have a try. Certainly, you can also buy cheap wow mounts on our site if you need.

What would be 7.1.5 release date?

Honestly, there are still no any tidings about 7.1.5 release date from Blizzard. But it can be inferred that WOW 7.1.5 patch would be released on Jan 10, as below:

1. The first micro-holiday will start on Jan 21, and the official said before they won’t do it over the holidays. So WOW 7.1.5 must be out before that.

2. WOW 7.1.5 cannot be out on Jan 17 due to Nighthold raid, and they won’t release class changes in the middle of a raid tier.

That is to say, wow 7.1.5 patch may be launched on Jan 10. The micro-holidays will be available since Jan 21. To prepare for the upcoming content, you can buy gold cheap wow on our site!

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Some Desirable Thoughts of Deadman Mode Finale Hour

Deadman Mode finale hour was runescape gold over. In the cold light of day after having some time to reflect on last night, here are some personal thoughts which from ModMatK. We think some points are meaningful and creative. It’s necessary to share them with you.
The big talking point is how powerful the fog was

Maybe some improvements need to happen here. Jagex has seen some people suggest that they should test this on a tournament server. Actually, this is something Jagex must do for the next season and should fix all the problems with the fog balancing.

Meanwhile, Jagex needs to improve the signposting to the final area. Players liked the final timer and they wonder whether having multiple timers which say thing like “x time to fog”, “be in x area in x time” might improve this. With any luck by the time of the next finale Jagex will have the option for an in game map and they would like to see if they can use that to make the sign posting better.
Clan Deadman Mode things become much more difficult

When it comes to clan man mode things become much more difficult. If Jagex finish in a single area, they would have a how bunch of people refusing to fight. Therefore they have to fog them all or the finale would never end.

Jagex could ban clans, but that is not really enforceable and sounds very unfair. If the desire is to have a competitive solo game play they could look at doing a league or ladder system with LMS or a straight dueling thing over a week or so. Obviously all these suggestions need to be practical.
Having an audience there made the stream more alive

The events of the final hour has streamed live from the RuneScape Twitch channel. As for the production of the stream, we think having an audience there made the stream feel much more alive and having known streamers on stage made for a better viewing experience too.

What is the impact of this DMM season 3 so far, well it is early days. But 75k people watching Old School is amazing – many of those have never seen OSRS before and would have just witness a whole load of people having a whole load of fun. Since deadman season 4 has begun, we hope it will be more successful and popular than last season. BTW, you can buy cheap Deadman Season 4 gold with 6% off code “OSRSDM” on RSorder.

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It’s about time. The sky was dark, and Sliske’s end came. Who will survive the epic final battle, who will get the ultimate reward? There is only one way to find.

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When you can’t feel your way through the shadow sector, there are more Christmas mysteries unfolding in frostworld – the latest holiday task 2 part.With the relomia in the village to Buy RS Gold fightThe child’s mother, nomadic elegy, like-minded, hero’s welcome, one of them, the death knight

You were invited to Buy Runescape Gold end all wars in the final battle of those Sliske scoreboard battles. In a dark maze, in the twists and turns of the mahjarrat themselves pull strings, anything can happen.But one thing is certain – your actions will directly affect the results and will reflect the content in the future. Wise choice!

People on this game clearly don’t understand how the acquisition game works from a business standpoint (assuming that most current players are quite young still). The company can keep current employees and the game will remain unchanged for the most part. A company can acquire one like this for profit. Adding revenue to the game through better marketing attracting new players. Expanding the audience through new sales channels that Jagex had no access to. And much much more.

Things which may change if they buy it from how I see it:

1. Many microtransactions (major Chinese companies in power don’t keep their end of the bargain)

2. Pay2WinScape with bots being allowed

3. tons of spyware when you get the client

4. potentially servers may change locations, slower and laggier

5. unstable Chinese economy may lead to company bankruptcy in the near future

6. less listening to players (take it from a Chinese guy, customer service is NOT our strong suit)

Honestly, even though I quit the game a few years ago I’d rather not see Jagex bought out by a Chinese company, it’s too unstable both from the economic point of view and from a playerbase point of view.

RSorder share Thieving Leveling Guide and 80% off runescape gold for you on Dec. 26

Hello there, and I will to write a thieving guide to 99 in Runescape. Many people Now a days think that thieving is really a skill that takes forever to get runescape gold . We’ll I’m here to tell you the ways that you can get thieving in a speedy amount of time. Leveling method that for 99:

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Level 1-5 – Level 3 men/women. Really the only thing you can pickpocket(Runescape Gold).

Level 5-25 – Cake stall. You’ll want to save these cakes, for future thieving leveling or you can sell them.

Level 25-38 – Warrior Women. You can found this was the next best thing to pickpocket while your leveling. Use cake from 5-25 is helpful.

Level 38-55 – Master farmers. These farmers are very good xp. They can also be great Runescape money if you get lucky on the seeds, and you dont have to right click to pickpocket, even better.

Level 55-61 – Knights of Ardougne. That leveling(Runescape powerleveling) to 99 the best and most efficient way was to only pickpocket from these knights until 61, then you moved onto pyramid plunder. It might be just cause you lack of patience for one thing.

Level 55-99 – Knights of Ardougne. Though you didn’t do it, I’ve read many places that people say the XP from knights of Ardounge is just as good as pyramid plunder. I’m just listing it for some options if you don’t like plundering. Welcome to Mmooffers!

Level 61-99 – Pyramid plunder. This is what I liked best, and what I would recommend to everyone that doesn’t like sitting and pickpocketing one NPC all day. To start pyramid plunder, you will have to have started the Quest, Icthlarin’s Little Helper. The Mini-game is located in the desert city known as Sophanem.

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Welcome to Neverwinterstore.com! The Winter Festival of Simril returns to Neverwinter! The village of Twilight Tor will once again serve as host to merry-making Adventurers who wish to partake in this seasonal event! In addition, you also can get a little help this holiday season with the Winter Festival Charge Promo! Players who purchase $10 or more worth of Zen will get the SImril Helper companion. This companion will provide bonus Light of Simril during the Winter Festival!

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Winter Festival Charge Promo Starts Thursday 12/15 at 7:30am PT

Winter Festival Charge Promo Ends Thursday 1/12 at 7:30am PT

Winter festival of Simirl starts on Thursday, December 15 at 10AM PT

Winter festival of Simirl end on Thursday, January 5 at 10AM PST.

For those that feel the need for speed, the Twilight Run offers adventurers an exhilarating sled race through the snowy mountains.

If racing isn’t your style, reel it in with the Ice Fishing event! Collect different lures and poles and be the sole victor at Lake Glorifindar! This year brings new items to exchange for event currency and the Sparkling Starlight Fishing Pole!

Want to be festively heroic? The monsters glide their way back to the Winter Festival! Stop the threat of The Monsters on Ice event and protect the citizens of Twilight Tor!

For the Adventurers who like to treat themselves, two different Packs can be found on the Zen Market. The Simril Starlight Pack contains 20x Starlight Parcels and 14 Days VIP time (no rank increase). For those looking to catch up on STK gear, the Simril Care Package offers Frostborn Gear, Artifact Weapons, and Remorhaz Companion.

We have also introduced some updates to this year’s Winter Festival:

1. Sirac of Suzail allows players to advance old campaigns by accepting Winter items in exchange for old campaign currencies

2. Stargazing now includes new buffs for Armor Penetration and Lifesteal as well as additional fortunes

3. The Throne of Winter has been added to the Star of Fortune store
If you’re looking for one of the coolest events of the year, come on up to Twilight Tor and celebrate at The Winter Festival! What’s more, visit the Charge Promotion Agent, Ventil Brahe, in Protector’s Enclave (located nearby Sergeant Knox) to claim the Simril Helper!
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Guide to make their own money for for legitamate players with cheap osrs gold

Most of them more than likely have mains where they transfer their rs gold/old school rs gold every day. Almost every botter transfers their rs gold&osrs gold / botted goods on a daily basis. At least the smart ones do. I’m botting on a throwaway account just to see how long it takes to get banned, nothing i bot will be put into the economy just for the sake of testing. I’ve had accounts last 2 days and ive had accounts last months, I’ve noticed that if you do a few quests and get past 3 combat chances are the account lasts longer, all my lvl 3 accounts have died in less than a week. I used to bot all the time and i still have access to some good scripts, its always nice to know if jagex is actually doing their job and if reports even do anything.

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runescape Botting

Often bans are made through IP bans if you have a few too many accounts on the same router. I’m not saying you should stop, that’s your own choice, just watch out bruther. Your really better off bottling an account(s) (do more than 1 account at once so that if you get banned on 1 guy they dont all get banned, and dont focus on 1 skill. That just makes you stick out.) because what those account sellers do is wait till you load that account full of nice things then recover it back using whatever methods they can. Heard it happen so many times its amazing people still do it.

Botting the economy for legitamate players who wish to skill and make their own money. I’m an ex botter and i can admit that dumping a ton of your product at once can work just as bad as a merchanting clan if you had enough accounts running. plsying legitamate its pretty hard to make money doing anything other than slayer or staking because of how bad bots are.

Lets say if there were ZERO botters in runescape and legit players had to get every skilling item. With that low of a supply how much do you think extremely botted items (bowstrings, yew logs, coal, iron ore, etc) would be. It would obviously give more incentive to the legitimate players to train skills such as mining and woodcutting because there would be more demand for their produce due to the lower ammount of such items flooding the Grand Exchange. Supply and demand, with less bots legitimate players will eventually start to take over skill positions when there is a massive demand driving up prices on materials. I realize that prices could be driven down by legit players in the same such way. But there would never be such an influx of materials in the same way a bot can introduce them. All i was trying to get across is that if there are more legits and less bots the game will have a healthier economy and legitimate players will have a reason to train skills that they cant find the time for because there is no money to be made.