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Happy Birthday, Ironman Mode – get two weeks of free membership

We can hardly believe it ourselves but RuneScape’s toughest way to play turns two years old today.

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To celebrate we will be giving two weeks of membership to any existing Ironman or Hardcore Ironman account that was active at any point between Monday 19th September and Sunday 16th October at 23:59 UTC.

This is the perfect reason to log back in to your Ironman account if you’ve not played in a while or a great reason to start your first Ironman journey.

Create a brand new Ironman or Hardcore Ironman account by 23:59 UTC on Sunday and qualify for this membership bonus too!

You can create an Ironman account or Hardcore Ironman Account from the drop-down menu on the character creation screen when building your RuneScape character.

On top of that, every Ironman or Hardcore Ironman account that exists from now on will also receive an exclusive cosmetic armour override.

Important Information

Your free membership and cosmetic will be credited to your account on Monday 17th October.

There are two variants of the cosmetic armour override:

One for Ironmen with the Ironman logo on the pauldron.

One for Hardcore Ironmen with the Ironman logo on the pauldron and a red skull emblazoned on the helmet.

Be warned – if you quit either Ironman or Hardcore Ironman mode (including dying in the latter) you will lose the cosmetic armour override from your account.