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Hi guys. Since smite has always been different in OSRS to how it was back in RS2. We know most people don’t PK anymore so we offer runescape 07 gold completely understand if people wouldn’t want it fixed. But for the people who still do PK, having smite work how it used to would make PvP (especially BH) way more exciting.

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What’s different Smite OSRS to how it was back in RS 2?

Basically the low down of it is that back in RS2, you could smite someone on the same tick as killing them, so If we hit a 70 ags which took their prayer from 5 to 0, that would be a smite kill. This is impossible in OSRS because prayer drops 1 tick after it goes to 0, meaning you can never smite someone on a KO hit. The problem with this is that if you want to smite your opponent, it’s actually against your interest to kill them unless you see their prayer drop, because if you kill them and they’re prayer is still up (even if it goes to 0), you will never smite them.

The positives of changing smite back in RS 2.

The positives of changing it back are that regular (non high-risk) PvP will be more risky, potentially more profitable and take more skill in making sure your prayer doesnt run too low.

The negatives of changing it : are that we know this is largely a PvM and Skilling based community these days so we totally get that a lot of people won’t want updates that make PKers more powerful or that only benefit PvP, and yeah I totally understand if most people wouldn’t want this changed because of that.
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Final Fantasy XV Co-Op Possible If Enough Fans Want It

Final Fantasy XV is a little over a month away. The franchise has always had an exclusively single player campaign, and the latest iteration was designed to be no different. Previous instalments of the series have dabbled in Co-Op; Final Fantasy IX for example allowed a second player to control characters during battle. So when game director Hajime Tabata told Hobby Consoles (translated by Lulost on MOGnet Central) that it was something they would definitely consider if enough fans wanted it, it didn’t seem too far removed from reality. Tabata also said that it would be very difficult, but to not discard it for the future.
Considering that the vast majority of RPGs are single player, it is difficult to believe that there will ever be a Final Fantasy XV Co-Op mode. Especially on a project of this size. It could be that Tabata is simply trying to make the game as attractive as possible. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Final Fantasy XV Co-Op experience? Within the same interview, Tabata states that there may also be efforts directed towards optimizing the game for the PS4 Pro post launch, as well as developing a PC port. Again, this could all be in an effort to assure us that work on the game will continue for long after it has launched.
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The game seems to be receiving positive feedback after the first snippets of gameplay were released to the world. Though extremely unlikely, adding a Co-Op experience of some kind would cement Final Fantasy XV as the rebirth of the franchise.

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Due to the fact enjoying Prize Rogue is easy : go through the prize torso star in which arises once you sign on. When you have not necessarily enjoyed, merely stick to the particular onscreen suggestions. Every person receives one or more important each day, as well as the RuneScape associate receives a couple of tips. You can make a lot more simply by enjoying the sport, or perhaps simply by redeeming bonds regarding supply.

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Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition Has a Surprise for Fans

With Final Fantasy XV available in more than a few countries before release date, it was only a matter of time before India saw an early release of the game as well. Gadgets 360 managed to get an early copy and we noticed that the game has something extra.
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Aside from the obvious day one downloadable content (dubbed as the Masamune DLC weapon), a reversible cover, and obligatory pamphlets that yields information on customer support, Square Enix also included the signatures of the development team with a background that reads: “Thank you for your support”.

It’s an interesting addition. More so considering most game companies don’t usually take this approach — allowing an entire or seemingly sizeable part of the development team to be known outside of the game’s credits.
Nonetheless, the developer autographs are present in the Peruvian version of the game which shares the same ESRB rating as the US version. Safe to say day one US buyers will get this as well. Considering that the day one edition of Final Fantasy XV is the same across the world, Indian buyers should get it too, along with extra DLC depending where you pre-order from.

So far, initial impressions of Final Fantasy XV seem positive. At least in terms of technical performance, what with performance before installing the patch being a whole lot better than what it was in Episode Duscae, the Platinum Demo, and the Judgement Disc Demo on a standard PS4. Stay tuned to Gadgets 360 for detailed, spoiler-free impressions soon.

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Jagex Games Studio has announced that its Runescape trading card game called Chronicle: Runescape Legends has officially entered its closed beta phase of development for PC.

In the closed beta, players can choose from four iconic ‘Legends’ of RuneScape and use their crafted decks of cards to create adventures across five engaging chapters set in the world of Gielinor. A rival player across the board forges their own quests, before the battle-hardened characters take part in a duel for victory. RuneScape gold. Each Legend has its own characteristics and playing style, deepening the strategies and tactics players can use to secure success. The Chronicle closed beta also includes a detailed crafting system, starting with over 270 cards available to collect and sort into battle-winning decks.

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Old University RuneScape Gets a New Region Wait

Don’t worry, you’ve not journeyed long ago in history, the Old University form of RuneScape is indeed getting the latest region recently, and is the first appearance region of a three-part phased release.

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at 03:00 AM on November 25, 2016 GMT.

To enjoy the Fifteenth Birthday of the unique RuneScape, Jagex has moved focus on the experience that started it all, Old University RuneScape, though obviously it wasn’t known as Old University RuneScape long ago in 2001, in those days it was simply old RuneScape. In 2013 however, Jagex made a decision to revive an Old University form of the experience – from 2007 – and ever since, it’s become just as popular as the primary headline.

Anyway, I’ve came off a little.

Old University RuneScape has recently obtained the latest place, the region of Zeah, a new place limited to the Old University form of the experience, which serves as the first region of a three-part phased release with new places becoming available over the next year-long party.

Zeah features the town of Excellent Kourend, the first area which recognizes gamers choose from one of five groups who are fighting it out across the town. Developing an allegiance will allow gamers to earn popularity to gain accessibility to new material within the experience, and as well as acquiring new weaponry and shield, they’ll be known as upon to secure the town from criminal gangs, reptile men, as well as traffick contraband onto the town roads.

Jagex Games Studio room, makers and custodians of the dream MMORPG, RuneScape, have revealed the first region of Zeah, a new place limited to Old University RuneScape. Available to gain accessibility to from today the first appearance place comes as the first region of a three-part phased release. New places will become available over the next 12 months, as Old University enjoys the Fifteenth anniversary of the unique RuneScape.

“Our devoted team has been beavering away on Zeah for a long time, so it’s fantastic that we can lastly open up the gates to Excellent Kourend,” said Mathew Kemp, product administrator, Old University RuneScape. “The release of an entire where you live now limited to Old University RuneScape over the course of 2016, and the new material it will bring to our excellent group, is really interesting. Zeah also underlines the success Old University has experienced since its release in 2013.”

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Tips for joinning in Giant imitation of vengeance

Giant to imitate the boss once again, in the cave of the treasure hunters loose. Head to Lodestone Burthorpe through the portal to fight and plunder the cunning beast every day from 17 November to 21 November UTC UTC 23:59 00:00.

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How to play

Beat the giant to Buy RS Gold imitate the boss in no more than 150 seconds after the choice of a four difficulty: easy, medium, hard and elite.Battle the giant to imitate many times, you like the incident, but you can only be robbed 5 times a day. You will only kill the boss with a robbery attempt.Note – if you die to the boss, it will not be counted as a robbery attempt, you can try again without punishment. The boss of the fight is also a safe death, so you won’t lose any items.

Treasure Hunter

In addition, the circulation of tokens beyond the limit can be obtained by the boss booty treasure hunter.You can also use your key to win small, medium, large, or huge loot boxes.

Imitate the boss


After defeating the boss (any difficulty), you have the chance to get a simulated pet as a drop, if you don’t have it.

Booty box from the beat and rob the boss earned (or the treasure, if you’re lucky) can open, find a variety of incentives, including:

Mini ever-changing packages contain 10 items – the ever-changing

Rare item symbol

The carving of the invasion, the sacrifice and the corruption came back!

Combat training dummy, spring and feather

Imitation hat

Alternative mark of trade

Hard / elite only reward

New 2H distributed weapon tokens that can be obtained from loot boxes,New rare earth trade Doll – only a drop from the bossAs before, the corner of Buy Runescape Gold the tongue can only be used as a drop from the boss.