Blade & Soul Beluga Lagoon Expansion Live Oct 26 as 6v6 Battleground

While the last update of Ebondrake Citadel is about PvE, next NCsoft will do something for PvP. A new 6v6 Battleground called Beluga Lagoon will go live in Blade & Soul on Oct 26, along with the new Legendary Soul Shield Weapons and more. It is time to buy blade and soul gold to prepare for it!

Blade and Soul next expansion: Beluga Lagoon

Blade & Soul upcoming expansion is called Beluga Lagoon. It is a new 6v6 battleground and a staging ground for the annual White Whale Festival. There features the legendary flying White Whale, and players will be challenged to earn the White Whale’s favor.

New Legendary Soul Shield Weapons & weapon/accessory upgrade path

In the new expansion, there will be new Legendary Soul Shield Weapons, along with the ability to preview your weapon and accessory upgrade path. That means, players can get both the White Whale’s favor and new Legendary Soul Shields and brand new Legendary weapons.

Buy Blade and Soul Gold Cheap with Halloween Offers for Beluga Lagoon

As Blade and Soul new expansion approaches, it is necessary to collect up cheap blade and soul gold in advance, for Beluga Lagoon Expansion will bring a brand new experience to all BnS players.

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Blade & Soul Beluga Lagoon expansion will be released on October 26. If you want to experience the 6v6 battleground and gain Legendary Soul Shield Weapons, buy blade and soul gold cheap to get ready now!

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