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This is just the first part of the quest, it continues later on but for this part swtor buy credits you need to go down the elevator and speak to the Ugnaughts down in this room. Depending on if you pick the light or dark side during this conversation will determine what you have to do for the next step. I chose light so if you want the same quest as me for the next part choose that option too. (The Dark side option isn’t that much different so don’t worry if you’d prefer to choose that. In fact Dark Side is easier).

For this part of the quest you need to kill a Justicar Heavy Gunner, which is a silver con mob in either area that it shows you can complete this quest.

Head to where it shows you on the quest and kill the gold con in the way of the terminal. Use the terminal to download the Schematics and you’re all done.

Kill a Droid inside the Justicar Detention Center to get the Memory Core and then use it on the terminal. Also while you’re on this quest be sure to do “Prison Punishment” which is a bonus that requires you to defeat 8 Justicar Prison Defenders.

I find it easiest to just Quick Travel back to town and start turning in your quests as you head further west. The first quest gets turned in at the Mission Dropbox, the second to Agent Jaffkee and then all the remaining ones to the south in this small little area. After you turn in all of your quests you’ll want to head to the far south where The Works Elevator is. Here you’ll find Fez Burba. Talk to him and accept his quest “Planetary Checkup” before proceeding to the elevator and riding it down to The Works.

Taris is pretty much everyone’s least favorite planet but for some odd reason it is my favorite. The post apocalyptic visuals and the really cool Rakghoul storyline interested me more than any other planet in the game. And even if this planet does blow, everyone has to agree that it’s 400x better than the craphole that is Coruscant.

Taris is a fairly long planet as there is a lot of running around. It’s also fairly grindy which I enjoy because it cuts down on the amount of information I have to give in the guide and not only that grind quests require the least amount of thinking!

Anyway, once you arrive on Tarris the first thing you’ll want to do is accept the quest from Bardo in the spaceport. After you have that exit the spaceport and accept the other quest from Relus Poh. Once you have that quest head a bit southeast to Urana Kiel and accept the quest she has available. After you have that continue southeast to Governor Saresh and refresh your quest at her. After you talk to Governor Saresh head up north to the Taxi Terminal and grab the Taxi Path.

Now we’re reading to leave town. Make sure you have the following quests available to you before you leave town: “Reconstruction Efforts”, “Reclaiming What’s Ours”, “Prized Possessions” and your Class Quest. If you have all those quests you’re ready to get started! Head east out of the town area of Taris and kill some Rakghouls to start the first quest which is a long Bonus quest.

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