Blade & Soul Heroic Dungeons – Gloomdross Incursion [Black Forest]

In Blade and Soul, before fight against the final boss in Gloomdross Incursion, you have to initiate two orbs. After the orbs are triggered, the final boss will appear. In principle, the principle to trigger the orbs is similar to Awakened Necropolis, despite some differences. The two orbs are separately located in charcoal and sawmill.

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Phase 1 – Defend Orb

In the beginning, there will be mobs that approach the orb. At the moment, please allocate half the number of defense in place. The other half of the number of teammates can begin to appear on the map to the area rescued the bodies of dead bodies back to the magic of the place of nuclear. Each corpse career after he returned will start to accelerate the progress of magic nuclei, the same body came back to save the three, there will be high-end NPC out to help defend. You can open the map to confirm the location of the bodies. Nearby the bodies, you will find some mobs that you can kill so that you can remove the bodies.

Phase 2 – Defend Orb

The phase 2 guide is similar without the part of removing the bodies. There will be mobs of three different sizes to blow themselves up, in a order of small, medium and large. They will not attack the players. Instead, they approach the orb and blow themselves up. The mobs should be killed as soon as possible. They move in a slow manner. You can kill the nearby large spiders before the mobs show up. The spider will drop Sticky Sphere, which can be used to bind it. What to do next is to deal with the final boss.

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