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Rush to the aid of RuneScape’s founders in a brand new free-to-play quest to save Gielinor one cabbage at a time. You’re in for a wild ride in an adventure that has been co-designed by the Gower brothers themselves!

Also, prepare for the upcoming release of the new boss Telos with a pre-release event that lets you unlock a key to his door, right now.

Also, check out the patch notes below for a full list of this week’s fixes and improvements.

Gower Quest

Gower Quest is steeped in the spirit of RuneScape and our 15-year anniversary, so you probably won’t be surprised to hear that, this time, something strange is happening to Gielinor’s cabbages.

Andrew, Paul and Ian could really do with a brave adventurer to come and find out what exactly is going on.

Get plenty more than your five-a-day and earn some neat rewards as you join your fellow ‘Scapers on a bizarre and wondrous journey.

Rewards & Post Quest

When you make it out the other side you’ll pick up a quest point and some coins, along with a whole host of unique rewards including (but not limited to) the fabulous cabbagemancer outfit and staff, a pet called Crispy (yeah, it’s a cabbage) and an amazing retro login animation that resembles the well-known RuneScape login screen.

There are more things to discover but we’ll leave that up to you!

Talk to the Gower brothers post quest to get an XP lamp based on the levels of your skills. A different brother will help you based on your levels, but chat to all three anyway because they’re lovely.

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