Where are Best Places to Farm Kills Achievement for Companions in SWTOR?

Hi, guys! The chapter 14: Mandalore’s Revenge is coming. Are you confused about where the best places would be to get kills when you are going after “1000 Enemy Kill Achievement for Companions”? Are you curious about that? Here, Swtor2credits will help you choose the best location of farming kills.

To go Colicoid War Game is the fastest way
To get NPC kills, you could go Colicoid War Game. That’s the fastest way. You will have hundreds of kills in minutes if you just do the turret section. After completing two runs through the turret phase you’ll get about 1000 kills. Then you could leave instance, reset, and repeat once again.

Get more kills in Kaon with cheapest swtor credits
Kaon is good to get kills too. There are about 400 mobs in 20-25 minutes in Kaon Under Siege. You could just go into the HM version and get to the turret place, and let your companion go to work and make a sandwich. During the farming time, if you need swtor credits, Swtor2credits must be recommended. We offer a large number of cheapest swtor credits for all players in Swtor.

Go to Evovii Work Camp on Hutta on imp side
On imp side you can use the south of Evovii Work Camp on Hutta. Even with level sync you are still 5 levels higher and can kill with your basic attacks. You will get 30-40 kills per minute. The adds re-spawn by the time you complete the circuit. Specifically the area with the renegade evocii codex entry. You can complete 1000 in half an hour if you are focused.

Notes for when you do flashpoints or operations
If you do flashpoints or operations and you have a companion when you walk in, you will rack kills for that companion. Just make sure to have the companion you want to get kills on “active” when you do them. You will not be able to summon him, but each kill made by the group will count. By having them active while doing ops, even though they aren’t technically out with you, you can also get kills.

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