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Woodcutting is a skill used to chop logs from trees. These logs can be used for Firemaking, Fletching, or possibly Construction. Simply click on a tree to chop it down. However, you will need to have the necessary hatchet in your inventory or toolbelt and a minimum Woodcutting level. You can add a hatchet to your toolbelt. If you do not meet the woodcutting requirement of the hatchet, it will act as the highest level hatchet you can use.
If you are just starting out in Woodcutting you may want to pay a visit to Roddeck the Advisor in the building just east of the Lumbridge General Store to learn about the different kinds of trees and hatchets. You can get a free Bronze hatchet from Bob’s Brilliant Axes and a free Tinderbox from the Lumbridge General Store. If you are a member, you might also pay a visit to Larry the Lumberjack or Moe the Miner just south-west of Varrock to obtain a handy tool – the Dwarven army axe. This can be used as a Tinderbox and a Hatchet. You can also use a Bronze hatchet or Tinderbox from your Toolbelt.

Hatchets are the primary tool for woodcutting. The better your hatchet, the higher your chance of getting logs from the tree.

Machetes are members items and can only to be used on Karamja for cutting through jungle vegetation. They are mainly used for the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up minigame, but one is needed to get into the Kharazi Jungle on Karamja as well. You can also store one in your toolbelt. Higher tiered machetes may be purchased at Gabooty’s Tai Bwo Wannai Co-Op, or received from Safta Doc in exchange for gems (cut and uncut), trading sticks, and gout tuber.

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