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XP earned while this aura is active leads to the Summer HiScores (observe section below)
Awesome cosmetic effects (such as wings! ) while the atmosphere is active For any questions you could have about this aura and related summer activities, please see a special FAQ the forum thread with this news post.

With your membership all sorted you’ll wear prime position to experience the Summer of Adventure content like Arc Islands, Gower quest, the return of The Beach and far much more.
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The Blizzard legacy and vanilla server circus just keeps on going. The first of two meetings has taken place at Blizzard between Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime and ex-WOW developer Mark Kern to try and move forward with WOW vanilla servers. Mark Kern shares results of the vanilla WOW server discussion with Mike Morhaime.

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Results of the vanilla WOW server discussion with Mike Morhaime

When Blizzard shut down the private server Nostalrius, the whole WOW community started rumbling, including former WOW Team Lead Mark Kern. The former Blizzard developer sent an open letter to Blizzard asking them to reconsider legacy servers arguing that they were a piece of gaming history.
The first meeting has taken place. According to Mark Kern, the meeting went well. While Blizzard and Mike can make no promises about legacy servers, the amount they have been paying attention to is incredible. Mike and WOW team are eager to listen to Nostalrius team’s perspective on vanilla and the technical issues they are faced with. The challenge is greater than just throwing up a server.

Meeting with the vanilla WOW server Nostalrius team on June

The second meeting with the vanilla WOW server Nostalrius team is arranged to take place at the start of June. And the meeting with the Nostalrius team will help them work through technical challenges. Mark believes that the chances of it happening now are higher thanks to the petition and passion from the vanilla WOW community. However, Blizzard needs to overcome the internal and technical challenges to make it happen.
WOW executive producer J. Allen Brack has made a statement. Current WOW has none of the old content, let alone continents that legacy WOW had. Cataclysm has changed the entire world. And a pristine server would never let you experience the original zones and dungeons. So much would be lost.

Will Blizzard convince the Nostalrius team their Pristine Realms are a better idea or will they try and get the Nostalrius guys to make legit legacy WOW? Stay tuned and see whether it will come true.
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To go Colicoid War Game is the fastest way
To get NPC kills, you could go Colicoid War Game. That’s the fastest way. You will have hundreds of kills in minutes if you just do the turret section. After completing two runs through the turret phase you’ll get about 1000 kills. Then you could leave instance, reset, and repeat once again.

Get more kills in Kaon with cheapest swtor credits
Kaon is good to get kills too. There are about 400 mobs in 20-25 minutes in Kaon Under Siege. You could just go into the HM version and get to the turret place, and let your companion go to work and make a sandwich. During the farming time, if you need swtor credits, Swtor2credits must be recommended. We offer a large number of cheapest swtor credits for all players in Swtor.

Go to Evovii Work Camp on Hutta on imp side
On imp side you can use the south of Evovii Work Camp on Hutta. Even with level sync you are still 5 levels higher and can kill with your basic attacks. You will get 30-40 kills per minute. The adds re-spawn by the time you complete the circuit. Specifically the area with the renegade evocii codex entry. You can complete 1000 in half an hour if you are focused.

Notes for when you do flashpoints or operations
If you do flashpoints or operations and you have a companion when you walk in, you will rack kills for that companion. Just make sure to have the companion you want to get kills on “active” when you do them. You will not be able to summon him, but each kill made by the group will count. By having them active while doing ops, even though they aren’t technically out with you, you can also get kills.

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We use active creatures as grenades, we can annihilation gnome accouchement and we about acquire a genocide skill, how is this even an issue.Pretty abundant my thoughts. The alternative use monkey butler should stay of RuneScape gold.

There’s annihilation amiss with it we just acquire a band authoritative molly coddled humans anticipate their over acute non-sense is somehow actual important to every angle of the absoluteness we acquire to abominably allotment with them, and as such feel the charge to ban annihilation that makes them feel even hardly afflictive because they can’t handle reality.

I did not beggarly to betoken that it was wrong. I just capital to accent that those who do not wish a monkey butler can appoint a altered butler.You’re apprehensive about the belief of this?

We acquire an absolute accomplishment based about committing larceny, fraud, petty annexation and admirable theft.

We acquire quests that crave you to steal, kill, and do worse, in the name of Adventure Points. 1 adventure and set of capers is in actuality committing crimes to alpha a guild in

Slayer and action in accepted crave you to go out and annihilate things.

By the time you hit 99 (or even 120 or 200m) in Hunter, Fishing, and Slayer, it’s a admiration there is annihilation larboard animate in game.

By the time you’ve hit 99 (120 or 200m) in Woodcutting and Firemaking, it’s a babyish phenomenon we haven’t acquired all-around warming.

We can augment just about annihilation to a babyish troll, including added pets.

Children are accurate targets to advance in abounding locations.

And, it’s not like apperception ascendancy is alfresco the branch of something we could do in game.

There are several characters who get enthralled/mind controlled to do the behest of anyone else.

Why shouldn’t we get the adventitious to do so for our own claimed benefit?Rsorder offer you cheap runescape 2007 gold!

Besides that, did you accede that it would be an advance for the monkey?

It resides in your PoH, one of the safest places in the world.

It can’t be attacked or hunted. Either by players or predators.

It has admission to a bigger accumulation of aliment and care.

You can’t acquaint me that the bed you’ve provided is worse than sleeping in a timberline or on grass.

Face it, for a accident of chargeless will, you’ve accustomed that monkey a bigger accord in activity than most.

For all we know, the monkey in actuality loves accepting a butler.

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The Warcraft Movie premiere has been round off in France and will be released in other regions in the world.
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The affair is, Runescape abracadabra potions actuality are actual acutely not drugs and don’t accept any alternation to absolute apple drugs.

Drug: a anesthetic or added actuality which has a physiological aftereffect if ingested or RS Gold contrarily alien to the body…

And I’d say the action acceptable furnishings of abounding potions is conspicuously agnate to steroids, an irl biologic (we accept abundant ‘strength potions’ for Pete’s sake).

Rsorder Edit: But let’s say that this isn’t abundant of a connection. The Binding of Isaac bold has abundant items called afterwards altered types of irl drugs and they abundantly action absolute furnishings in game. Do you absolutely anticipate that those items accept assertive some humans to alpha application drugs?

I’d say that potions accept as abundant alternation to irl drugs as the book depicted in the case does. And bigger yet, it in actuality encourages one to partake in their use, admitting the contest of the case are alone getting relayed to the player.

I’m not abiding (though I could be apprenticed on the matter) that steroids are something we about accept to anguish about kids taking. Nor am I assertive that these potions are in any way evocative of drugs above accident to addition your strength. Aren’t steroids injected, in any case?

As for the case. If you don’t anticipate Stephanie was drunk, again I accept this has no aftereffect on you. But we’ve already apparent a few posters on this cilia who *DO* accept to accept the abstraction that bashed humans can accord (a bashed getting *CANNOT* accurately accord to you-know-what, beneath the law).

This may not advice with that (though it’s a bit of a continued attempt anyway, I can see area the OP is advancing from. It alone agitated me a little of Cheap RuneScape gold if I was accomplishing the case, but I apprenticed told myself that can’t accept been what Jagex was aggravating to portray).

Runescape live streams for this week

For the latest update patch notes and NXT improvements, please see the forum thread.

This week’s live streams

Each week we stream developer Q&As, in-game events and more. You can watch and find a streaming schedule on our Twitch channel. Check the YouTube channel, for videos you may have missed. This week we’re taking a break from Developer Q&As, but never fear! We have something a little special for you this weekend with the RuneScape Summer Summit.

Tuesday, May 24th| 20:00 Game Time | Kindred Spirits Playthrough with Mod Raven [SPOILERS]

Want to find out all the grisly details from the development of the newest quest? Join Mod Shauny as he hosts a playthrough with Mod Raven, live this Tuesday! There WILL be spoilers!

Thursday, May 26th| 17:00 Game Time | Chronicle: RuneScape Legends – Launch Stream

Our amazing new strategy card game, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, hits Steam this Thursday. Join us for an action-packed stream that pits two teams of Chronicle-loving JMods against each other. Who will win? Team Deadly or Team Merchant? Tune in to find out on the Chronicle Twitch channel!

Saturday, May 28th| 16:00 Game Time | RuneScape’s Summer Summit

Tune in to find out all that we have planned for you this Summer, as well as the ideas that will be going into 2017′s content poll. Watch for feature reveals, teasers, and much, much more!

RS, Old School RuneScape, Chronicle, and our new mobile game RuneScape: Idle Adventures will all be covered – so this is every ‘Scaper’s essential guide to the rest of 2016 and beyond.

More details will come soon, so stay tuned to the RuneScape website!

Sunday, May 29th | 19:00 Game Time | PvM with Mod Lee!

Mod Lee will be hosting some Community PvM goodness live on Twitch.

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Dear RS fans, the Great Kourend Content Poll has closed on May 18. Have you looked through the results of this poll yet? All of the questions are passed as a result, especially three of the questions reaching more than 90% support. They are underground mine cart system, Woodcutting guild and changing the appearance of slayer helms. Are you eager for stepping into the Great Kourend with new content? Bear in mind that buying rs 2007 gold cheap on RSorder will assist you fully exploring the continent. RSorder spares no effort to offer you OSRS gold cheap and legal with fast delivery and first-class service. It has been a reliable gold seller for many years and has gained good reputation as well. Now read some details about the content that gained over 90% agreement among the voters.

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People accusatory about things accepting “hard.” And again admiration why the OSRS players alarm RS3 “Easyscape.” I assumption it’s because of the players?

To be fair, they did accomplish players get acclimatized to the use of Dreadnips at Raids for a actual continued time. It’s no abruptness humans are bent that they can no best await on their prior-nerf potency.

Honestly, they acutely knew how Dreadnips were accepting acclimated at Raids. It was an capital account to yield if you capital Raid runs to go smoothly Cheap RuneScape gold. Catechism is: why did they yield so continued to do something about it if their use was unintentional? The actuality they yield so continued is area the acrimony actually lies.

Once something you’re acclimated to is removed, you will feel it. The severity of this “feel” depends on how continued it’s been around.

I Rsorder get they capital Raids to be harder because afterwards all it is high-level content. But candidly they shouldn’t yield so continued to accord with things that accomplish a section of agreeable easier than intended. It’s not like Dreadnips use are a actually new thing. It’s been acclimated for ages.

Players will acclimate and get over it eventually if annihilation is done (that they expect). But the botheration (them demography continued to yield activity and/or acquaint those concerns) still remains. They charge to apprentice from that aberration and acquaint better.

Or, you know, not even blow it if such an affair has been exact aback EoC’s inception?

What a lot of humans don’t assume to understand…is that in every bold beneath the sun, there actually has to be artisan combinations that are acutely powerful, sometimes gamebreakingly so (Years of arena YGO and aggressive Pokemon if you wish reference).

In YGO, it’d be Bank 1 decks.

In Pokemon, it’d be the OU tier.

When you alpha authoritative attendant changes (especially to the acute these changes are), it’s traveling to could cause a kneejerk and humans WILL acknowledge to it. To anticipate contrarily would be absurdity (general abode here).