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From 00: 00 UTC on the 10th March until 23: 59 UTC on the 14th March, collect lightweight feathers that will put towards the new Nimble along with Fletcher’s skilling outfits. Lightweight feathers can end up being won on Treasure Hunter or earned while training Agility and Fletching.

First, click on the feathers with your inventory to teleport you to ultimately Drill Sergeant Hartman throughout Burthorpe, or speak to Alison Elmshaper within Taverley. Both will let anyone trade your feathers with regard to outfit pieces or lights. Each outfit piece will need 500 feathers and any time you obtain one you’ll get XP corresponding to a large lamp within the related skill.

Every outfit piece you wear, grants 1% bonus while training its related talent, with an additional 1% set bonus should you wear all five portions. If you already own both of them, you can wear Silverhawk boots rather than Nimble boots, to give you any additional 1% bonus. So, you could get the complete 6% set bonus by wearing the four other Nimble items using the Silverhawk boots. deadman mode 07 gold

If you have light and portable feathers to spare, you can also find the medium XP lamps for 75 feathers each.

Lightweight feathers will be taken out of game on the 28th March 2016 so you should definitely use them before subsequently!

Ironman accounts can acquire feathers from doing Agility and Fletching such as as everyone else, however they will not be able to receive the outfit items.

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