PvP Guide: How to Put PvP Tanks into Full Practice in SWTOR?

As SWTOR players, everyone wants to put the PVP tanks into full use, right? But, have you ever considered how to use them correctly?Why people have a fantasy on Lethal Bs and Discipline enhancements? Are defensive stats useful in PvP? Now, please come to this good site to buy swtor credits as well as enjoy some tips which would deserve to be appreciated.

Why people have a fantasy on Lethal Bs and Discipline enhancements?

Most people are replacing the mods and enhancements on everything with Lethal Bs and Discipline enhancements. B mods sacrifice secondary stat for extra endurance. Steadfast enhancements sacrifice defense rating for extra endurance. Shield, though it can’t affect crits, still shields fluff and non-crits and can trigger procs and affect cooldowns on all 3 tank classes. Most of my time as jugg is spent controlling the field, CCing, guardswapping and supporting inbetween crushing blows and trauma refreshes. That and it’s hillariously vulnerable when you have no cooldowns left. I’d prefer to have a few extra defense percentages when that happens, rather than trying to increase the already shit DPS.

What are the best tanks in SWTOR?

The best tanks in the game tend to have around 3 full gearsets that they can trade out pieces on the fly to orient their stats the best ways possible for whatever comp they’re fighting: Full low endurance dps set, full endurance dps set, and at LEAST the full mitigation left side. Regardless of crit clearing through Shield, There’s a LOT of white damage/shieldable attacks coming through in Carnage mara + Marks Sniper comps, which is one of the most common comps we see, and thus a small amount ofmitigation would work wonders to reduce their incoming damage. It’s about being Smart and adaptable with your gearsets. Not throwing a hail mary all in with one.

Are defensive stats useful in PvP?

Defensive stats were never as useful in PvP as people assumed. In-depth reasons why defensive stats aren’t as useful in PvP: 1. Lots of DPS specs do a heavy amount of Internal/Elemental damage (Pyrotech PTs, Madness Sorcs, etc.) This type of damage cannot be shielded and ignores armor rating.2. Any time a player’s attack crits on you it cannot be shielded.3. Any spec that does mainly Force/Tech damage (Sorcs for instance) will completely negate your defense rating stat, because Force/Tech attacks cannot be dodged. The measly rewards you get from PvE defensive stats aren’t as useful as being able to kill your opponent before they can whittle you down.

In PvP your TTK mainly depends on how large your HP bar is. You’ll be good as long as you stack endurance. Tanks are definitely able to deliver powerful dps and Darkness sins in full dps gear are a thing just because they can help out with their burst dps, shock and dep.volts. But if you do more damage on single targets in WZs then the other dps are just bad. In addition, fast leveling tor pay for free swtor cd key & game time card swtor can help you get credit cheap swtor. What’s more, you may ask have people been banned for buying credits in swtor. Absolutely No!

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