Useful Tips for Blade And Soul New player and 10% off blade & gold for sale

In the following i might be going a bit to deep into the game, but you wanted to not waste time.. so here we go.

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Usefull knowledge:

- Until 35+ you nearly dont earn any money at all. Dont waste your unsealing charms or keys. Use them only on necessary stuff (Breakthrough, Evolution Material, ..).

- Enjoy the story if it’s your first character. You will speed level every char after the first one anyway (most likely^^) so take your time once :P

- Since there can be competition for quest mobs, just invite players into groups. Quest progress will be shared (and way quicker).

- You keep your hongmoon weapon + accessories throughout the whole game! Keeping your stuff up to date makes killing stuff (even) more easy.

- After an evolution your weapon changes appearance, in some cases stats, and starts over from level 1 (doesnt mean it got weaker btw)
If you want to participate in the event (you only have to fit in the above criteria) but you also want to play, you could just test the classes a bit, if you are not sure yet it’s also good to level the classes you are interested to anywhere between 10 and 20 to get a first glance on what the class is all about. You shouldnt measure yourself on it, but level 10 takes about an hour or so if you are efficient at doing quests – so even if you “leveled to high for the event” you could start over – if you want to. Oh and while we are at this topic:

- When you do a screenshot, in the menue popping up you can save your characters appearance to automatically recreate it

- If the character is below level 15 deleting it only takes 5 minutes, after that time you’ll also be able to reuse the name you used.

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